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WIN | Brightlight Squishy Pillow | Room Decor Idea | OPEN International Christmas Giveaway 2016

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Hi guys, today’s unboxing and giveaway isthe Brightlight Pillow.

Let’s start with the princess crown.

Thankfully a toy that’seasy to open, oh my gosh this is so soft.

So here is the back of the box which lookspretty cool and inside we get the pillow itself and also the instructions, so let’s havea look and see what we need to do.

All we need to do is unscrew the back and put in3 AA batteries, now if you’re a bit younger you might want to get a parent or guardianto help, so here we go.

Take off the back and pop them in.

And then just pop it backon.

Now we get this little pillow so when you put the battery pack back in you justfold it over the top so you don’t feel it in the pillow.

So I’ve just been readingthis box and it looks like all the different Brightlight Pillows do different things, sothis one gives you a nice soothing light so we’ll switch the lights off and see whatit does.

On the princess crown the switch is on the front here, so we just simply pressit and turn off the lights, so… Ahh oh my gosh that is so cool! It’s so cool! So thiswill stay on for 15 minutes and then turn off and I just absolutely love it, you probablycan’t even see me it’s so dark.

So that’s the crown, let’s have a little look at theBeatz Star.

Ok so the beatz star is a little bit different because this is activated bysound, so I’ve got my music ready, let’s turn out the lights.

(laughs) Woo! So thebeatz star flashes different colours in time to the music and I personally think this oneis awesome! So that’s been my little look at these super soft and comfy BrightlightPillows which are really cool accessories and quite literally brighten up your room.

Now if you want to win the Beatz Star here’s what you need to do.

Number one like thisvideo, two subscribe and three tell me which Brightlight Pillow do you prefer? So the choicesare the pink (princess) crown which we’ve seen in this video, the beatz star, there’salso the starlight square which sounds to me like it’s kind of a bit twinkly, andalso the beating heart which I think is going to be like, kind of like a more flashy kindof pillow.

Now please show a parent or guardian this video before entering, good luck andI’ll see you later.