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Video #6: High Ceiling Living Room Curtain Design | Custom Made Drapes | Drapery Los Angeles


High Ceiling Living Room Curtain Design This is the part of the house we are goingto do today, it’s the living room area.

The windows are pretty tall.

We are standingon the balcony right now and we are looking at the top of the windows.

It looks like theladder that we have is not going to reach what we are trying to do.

So today we ran into a little problem and what we decided to do is continue on to theliving room.

This job is going to take more than a few trips because of the size of jobthat it is.

The rental company just now delivered the product which is the scaffolding.

We havescaffolding we are going to go ahead and set up.

The idea of the scaffolding is to getup to the 30 foot ceilings without having to scratch or damage any of the walls.

We are now starting to set up the scaffolding.

Every part of this job has been a surprise.

We have kind of been thinking that this scaffolding is pretty straight forward, but we are findingthat it is a process in itself.

Allow yourself time, that’s one of the things I would sayon jobs like these, the more prepped you are the better you get.

The drapes are heavy so we are going to be putting extra brackets on it to make surethey are held up well.

And the goal is to have this sort of a look come about.

This job, because it had moldings that were coming out long enough, what we decided todo is to add extensions on the brackets so that they can clear the entire molding thatis up there.

Some of these houses that you get to, especially the houses in Pacific coastarea, you will find because of the architect, and the size of the molding they used, theyare all projecting into the room and you will always need extra extensions to ensure youare safe.

We just got the first one up and I am reallyproud of our Martine here who did a great job putting it up there –getting it all theway up there to the ceiling.

We are going to get up there and dress them up next andthen are going to work our way down, work the pleats all the way down.

It has taken us about almost 4 hours to just put up one of them.

We ran into some challengesbecause of the height, as well as setting up the scaffolding that took itself about3 hours.

It looks like it we are going be fine even though we have not accomplishedmuch.

But that in itself is an accomplishment to get the first one up – that was one ofthe most difficult ones to get up there because it was a corner window and we also had verylittle space as far as the scaffolding goes to get close to the wall due to the chinacabinet that was there.

But we’ve gotten it up.

We are going to get in there and work on the second window.

The rest of the windows shouldnot be as challenging — we will see how it goes.