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Video #5: Bedroom Curtain Design | Swarovski Crystal Drapery Hardware | Galaxy Design


Day 1We are at Newport Coast today and this is the house of Don and Mini Morris and we aredressing up their windows.

We are working on the living room, dining room, master bedroom,and a dressing area.

We would like to go ahead and welcome you to the inside and show youthe work so please follow us.

OK the moldings in these rooms happen to beprojecting pretty far into the room.

So we are now starting to work on creating somebrackets that are custom made so they can accommodate all of the projections that arein the room.

And it looks like we should be doing ok, looks like you guys got it all figured out.

You guys are doing a great job.

Day 2 OK so we’re back.

We’re back to the masterbedroom / dressing area.

We are going to continue to complete this job.

The last time we raninto some challenges in the way the valance was done.

It wasn’t quite the way I wantedto have it done so I chose to take it down and take it back and have it altered.

Andso we are back.

We also have re-pleated the drapes.

This is a little bit more of the areato cover.

I have gone ahead and placed the pins in them and I’m ready to go ahead andhang these up.

Once these are all up we are going to bring the valance up and see howit turns out.

Since we are an importer of our own fabricsand a manufacturer, we import fabrics from India.

On this particular fabric I want youto look at it very closely.

You will see that it’s very well done and it’s embroidered.

This was a custom order for this client.

Also notice the Swarovski crystal banding we puton here.

It was also custom made from Swarovski specifically for this specific client.

Swarovskiof course is a brand name of crystal and down here we only went with four rows because ofthe scope of the job and the size of the draperies, where downstairs we went with six rows ofcrystal because we want to have a little more crystal down there do to the height of the drapes.

It looks good.

I dressed that and now I’m going to go ahead and dress up the side panels.

The cascades and swags are out now and they look really, really pretty.

They look likethey need to relax a little bit.

Usually after the work is done you want to go around andmake sure the pleats are falling out again.

The dressing is probably a good 80 percentof the job I would say when it comes to instillation.

It’s all about how you go about dressingyour drapes and making sure they are folded up correctly.

So I’m going to do that onthe panels as we go along here.

It’s been a long day.

We’ve been workingall day and we got this part of the house in as well which is the swags and cascades.

I like the way the trim shows on this.

I like the crystal dazzle that we added on here.

We put some really beautiful crystal drapery hold backs on here.

These are pieces of crystaldrapery hardware that we make ourselves.

Now the room is done and it looks really,really nice.

This is a room that was completely empty before and now it looks quite dressedup and so we’ve got it all done here.