Home Bedroom Curtains Video #4: How to Install Drapes in Bay Windows | Bay Window Treatment Ideas | Custom Curtain Design

Video #4: How to Install Drapes in Bay Windows | Bay Window Treatment Ideas | Custom Curtain Design


We are here today in Palos Verdes this is Mrs.


This is the second time we have been here, she is a repeat customer.

We are goingto go ahead and do her master bedroom which used to be her living room.

We are also goingto go ahead and do one of the other rooms which is a master bedroom.

So now I’m goingto walk you in and show you what we are going to be doing.

Looks like the guys have already gotten started so we’re going to go ahead and take a lookat this room.

They are taking down the drapes to straighten out the bottom so we are goingto go ahead and look at what they are doing now.

Because of this corner what we have to do is splice the drapes in the corners withouthaving to make two separate draperies.

That way it will keep the effect of the flow ofdraperies without having a seam in the middle of them in that corner.

So now we got the drapes up.

Looks like we’ve done a pretty good job all around.

It’spretty smooth.

So now we are going to start dressing the drapes which means we are goingto be putting pleats in them.

And the way we go about doing that is pretty much by tryingto get even folds throughout the whole thing.

You do this by using your hand as a guideand start putting folds in them.

Ok, I’m going to stop here and I’m going to comeback.

Once we’ve done that we are going to go ahead and tie them and start dressingthem up one step at a time.

OK good.

Now we are getting toward the endof the job.

We are starting to finalize things and dress it up here.

We want to give it thatvery lavish look here.

The fabric has a lot of texture here and it brought the room quitea bit of life.

We just finished up and the guys did a greatjob.

Altogether it looks really, really nice.

I think it brought a lot of color into theroom and definitely enhanced it from where it was.

It was just a blank room and now we’vegot a lot of life in it.

And I have to say this is another great job done by us.

I’m going to go in and get the client now and let’s see what she has to say aboutit.

Between 1 to 10 how would you rate it? After we added that, 10 obviously.

It madea big difference.

And do you like the iron work that we did for you on the top? Oh, Ilove it.

Well I just want to say what a beautiful job Steve has done.

And he has totally madethe house look better than what it was.

I love his work, I’ve been with him for 10years.

He did it the first time we moved in and he’s doing it again and his work isjust excellent!.