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Video #11: Room Design Ideas | Drapery Hardware | Swarovski Crystal Elements | Los Angeles


Today we are back at the Morrison’s homeand we are starting to do the family room.

The goal is to go ahead and dress up the windowsby using our dazzling crowns that are made with Swarovski Crystal.

This collection of fabrics that we are using on this house is called our luxurious weddingcollection.

I like these fabrics because they were all handmade and they are all hand woven.

And literally they are used for wedding dresses.

The guys have gotten started and it looksreally good.

I like the way the crowns have turned out.

And we are going to keep movingforward.

You guys have done a really, really good job of getting the crowns up and gettingthem lined up correctly.

We are getting towards the end of the dayand we are starting to do the finishing touches which is just having everything steamed out.

I like to do this with every job to make sure the creases fall out and the drapes are relaxed.

I think it was a really excellent choice by going with the wedding collection fabric simplybecause it just dressed up the room and took it to a level that it needed to be at.

Itlooked like a very empty room but now, not that we have lost any of the view we’vejust taken the room up to a new level by dressing it.

So I like it very much and it looks reallygreat, the guys are doing an excellent job.

So the job is now complete in the family room.

It’s really been a pleasure being in this house; it’s been a pleasure working withDon and Mimi.

I like the way the job has turned out and I think we’ve done a pretty goodjob overall.

I’d like to find out what they would liketo say and how it’s been overall for them.

It’s nice, you know.

It’s exactly whatwe wanted.

Mimi and Steve have been coordinating and working for some time on it.

These projectswhen they are large take a lot of effort and the effort’s paid off.

Thank you.

Yes, so we are looking to finish the rest of the house which is upstairs in the bedroomand I’m definitely committed to having it turn out even more beautiful than this downhere.

So this is another project done by us andI’m looking forward to doing other homes like it.