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Video #10: Custom Made Drapes | Swarovski Elements | Jabots | Drapery Los Angeles | Galaxy Design


We’re back at Conn’s home today.

We finishedup some of the drapes behind me last week.

The goal is to go ahead and finish up thebed today and we are also going to dress up some of the other bedrooms.

The jabots were done but we’ve chosen to make them much longer simply because the timebefore we had done them they were a bit short.

So having added the drapes on there and havingadded the jabots on there that will give us a totally complete finished product all theway around.

This bed was more of a Gothic sort of a bedand the client as you can see from the structure of the house wanted something over the topso we are providing them with that look.

Take it more to the right, more, more this way.

Now come back yeah right about there.

That’s going to give us a nice balance for the entirebed.

I’m going to use these for tie backs aroundthe columns of the bed.

The client also wanted something behind the bed not just on the bed.

So our goal is to go ahead and create this sort of a look while using what we currentlyhave.

Now I’m going to go ahead and use thesedazzling holdbacks Since we also carry our own fabrics, I was fortunate enough to comein with a bolt of fabric.

And that’s our plan, to take the bolt of fabric and someof these guys and dress it up.

In order to do the calculation on the scarfsusually we recommend that for every swag you go one and one half times.

For this particularpurpose we wanted the swags to be a little bit deeper so I’m just going to add an additional10% on top of that so that’s going to be able to give me enough to play around withthe swags and take them up and down as needed.

Now that I’ve measured the fabrics, I’mgoing to find out where the center of the fabric is.

And once I find out where the centerof the fabric is that’s where we are going to start.

And what I’m going to do is simplygo ahead and by putting my hand into the first fold, and starting it from the inside, I’mgoing to go ahead and gather up to the top where my other hand is.

Right here will beour center.

So this room is a wow! Definitely some volumein the room I’m very very pleased with this room.

This is the first time that we did thisbed and I’m very pleased with the way that it turned out.

The clients seem to be pleasedwith it and we are going to hear from them in a few minutes.

Homeowner testimonial: when you first were recommended to Galaxy Design did you visitthe showroom downtown? Yes, I was at the showroom downtown.

I met Steve there and I was impressedwith the way he approached me.

Steve is a very honest gentleman, I like him.

Are you satisfied with Galaxy Designs consultation process? You know, he came and we met andwe discussed the entire process that we wanted to have done.

And I’m very satisfied bywhat Steve has done.

Have the designs and job execution expectationsbeen met? All of the designs have been met and the fabrics I’m very pleased with.

So we finished the master bedroom and now we’re going to go into one of the otherbedrooms.

I chose to go with cream colored tones in this room because this room getsvery little light.

So I chose cream colors because I felt that it was going to give itsome life as well as we have a lot of dark wood in here.

What we are going to do is a very simple crown over the bed and some arms and simply scarfsomething for them.

That’s the plan.

It’s a similar technique as what we usedon the other room, by simply finding the center of the fabric and working from the centerand working the way out to the middle of the room.

So I have the fabric folded and I’msimply going to find the center of it, bring it together and work from there.

The treatment covered the entire vent and distracted attention from it.

This sort ofcompleted the room.

The client seems to be very pleased with the room and we are goingto go ahead and do the downstairs where we are going to dress up the room a bit more.

Now for this room the client didn’t care for how the drapes were hanging.

Simply itwasn’t giving him enough of a view.

The room was a little bit cluttered and all ittakes to address this matter is to re-dress the drapes.

By re-dressing them and tyingthem a bit higher, completely opened up the room.

I think he’s going to like the waywe went about doing this.

So this is the last segment of the job.

I’mvery pleased with the way the job has turned out.

This room here after dressing it, itopened up completely and the client seems to love the job.

I am so pleased with theway things have turned out with this job.

Things went really smooth.

Some challengescame up as usual but overall I’d probably say this was a 9 plus.