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Tự Tay Trang Trí Phòng Siêu Dễ – Easy DIY Summer Room Decor [English Subtitles] | TrinhPham

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Hello everyone! Today I am back with another video and this is a DIY video Maybe some of you can ask what DIY means It means DO It Yourself In this video I am going to show you 4 things that you can make to decorate your room this summer These 4 things are very simple, easy to make and especially very cheap too I am not really good at crafting So if I can do this.

I know you can too And if you want to see those 4 things then keep watching The first thing I want to show you is this letter with flowers on it This one is very easy and pretty The first thing you need is a letter You can buy or cut it by yourself Next is fake flowers and last is a hot glue gun When you have everything ready You can just put glue onto the end of the flowers and put them onto the letter It's very fast and easy However, when you use this hot glue gun, please be careful because sometime it can drip onto your skin This will take you around 4-5 mins I use a small hook to put this up next to my makeup desk very cute and girly Hmmmm, that's enough The next thing is this makeup tray or you can put something else there too 😀 It's very cute and eassy to make You will need a hot glue gun 3 plates 2 candle holders And a gold spray paint First off, you put some glue on the first candle holder then put it on the first plate When it stays put some glue on the other end of that candle holder then put the second plate on Press it until it stays As you can see here after 2-3 mins it stays pretty well Keep doing the same process I bought all these plates in Savers And I was lucky to buy those that actually match You don't have to buy the matching ones 🙂 I actually was very surprised when it's very cut already But because my table is white so I wanted something that has more colour on it That's why I sprayed the gold on top as you can see, I put some small fake flowers at the bottom to make it more fun The third way to decorate my room is using pictures and put them near my bed It's super super easy I went on Tumblr, then searched summer I found so many cute pics I saved them to my computer Because I wanted to print them as polaroid But I didn't have the camera What I did is I went on picmonkey.

Com went to edit, then Frame Chose Polaroid frame Adjusted the rotation to 0 degree After putting them to a Word file, I printed them After printing, I then cut the pictures as the sizes I wanted And this one is my favorite!!! Look at this elephant OMG!! He's so cute And beside the pictures, we will need a few more things Some strings A stick And a scissor And I forgot to mention the 2 hooks on 2 sides After that, you can just tighted the strings on the stick like this And last step, put the pictures up here like this Yay! Now I don't have the empty space near my bed anymore The last decoration is this inspiration board It adds so much to your room and very easy to make The first thing you need is some magazines Fashion or cooking ones are good A picture frame some sticker letters Then I cut which pictures I like or I think it's cute Shapes don't matter here And put them onto the back paper of the frame You don't have to follow any direction, just put them where you want until it's covered Using those stickers, I put some of them on a piece of white paper I will put the word Create here The last step is putting it up on the frame And it's done!! Woooo What do you guys think about this video? I spent a lot of time making this video If you like this video, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Like and Subscribe for my channel right down here If you make these, please tag me on Facebook or Instagram so I can see them 🙂 I am sure a lot of you can do better than I did And even if you're planning to to do it comment down below to let me know This is the end of this video and I will see you in the next one!!.