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Top 10 BACK TO SCHOOL Dorm Room Decor HACKs | ANN LE

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– Hi everyone, how's it going? It's me, Ann, for today's DIY, we're going to do some room decoration.

And I'm super excited about this because it's back to school seasonso if you guys are moving into a new dorm room or if you want to give your room a refreshed look, then these are perfect DIYs for you to do because some of these things are things that you may already have at home and that you can repurpose.

I wish that I came upwith all of these DIYs when I first moved into my dorm room.

But I didn't, so hopefully you guys will get to enjoy all these DIYs.

Let's go ahead and get started.

(inspiring music) (ding) This first DIY is going to bethe statement part of the room and at the same time, it's a great way to decorate around the bed especially if you don't have aheadboard in your room.

Take out some extra curtainsthat you have or a big piece of fabric that you don'tmind draping on your wall.

Cinch it together andattach it to a ribbon, just like what I'm doing here.

Next you want to hang ahook high above your bed, and if you can't nail inhooks or anything like that, you can use something like this, it's a tape on hook which shouldn't leave any holes on your wall.

For your next step, loopthe ribbon that's holding your curtain onto the hook, you can then hang something lightover to cover the hook.

I'm using a sturdy nail in my wall, so i'm using something alittle bit on the heavier side.

After you drape thecurtains into place you can spread it out and use sometacks to keep it in place.

(ding) Alright, so now it's time to add some color and texture onto the bed.

A great way to repurpose isby taking out a old sweater and turning it into a pillow case.

I'm definitely goingto get more use out of this sweater by makingit into a pillow case than just sitting in my closet.

Alright, so take out a pillowthat you want to cover up.

And make sure that you have enough space on your garment to coverthe overall pillow.

Have your sweater facingthe wrong sides out.

Cut around the pillow and make sure to leave at least a oneinch seam allowance.

Leave one side of your pillow case about two to three inches longer.

Since many college studentsdon't have a sewing machine, you can totally use a glue gun for this.

It should give you a nicestrong and permanent hold.

Glue together three of the sides, leaving the long end open, just like so.

Now with the longer end, foldit up and glue the sides in.

Let the glue set and dryand then turn it inside out.

(ding) Ok, if you're like me,you probably have tons of annoying chargingwires all over the place.

Here's an excellent way toorganize them in one spot and create a chargingstation for yourself.

Take a shoebox out thatyou can easily cut through, if it's not a good looking shoe box, cover it up with somecute fabric or paper.

This is something that's optional to use, but if you can findgrommets at your local craft or dollar store, this will make your project look ten times better.

With a box cutter, cut out X's enough to push the grommets through.

So I'm creating about threeholes all together on my box.

And then one big hole on the side.

Once you're done, put it yourmulti-outlet surge protector.

Be careful with whatyou're putting in the box, you don't want anything to generate too much heat, as it can be hazardous.

With the cell phone chargers,they don't generate much heat, therefore I feel comfortableusing up to three chargers.

(ding) Candles are a great way to add a nice relaxing ambiance to your space.

However, it is not safe fordormitories and some bedrooms.

Therefore, you can use LED candles, which are great, and a safe alternative.

You can decorate thesehowever way you like, and not worry about them melting off.

Here's a simple and lovelydesign that you can do yourself with just a Sharpie,gold paint and glitter.

Draw a feather shape on yourcandle making wispy lines and then paint it overwith some gold paint.

While the paint is wet,sprinkle on the glitter, and set it to dry for at least one hour, so then you can dust offthe remaining glitter.

(ding) If you love to keep thevibe in your space positive, hanging somethingmotivational and inspiring will definitely uplift your spirit and anyone who you aresharing the space with.

You can simply do thiswith a piece of paper, a piece of cloth, some rope and a stick.

So first off, cut out a banner shape from your paper or your cloth.

Next, trace that out onyour banner with a pencil.

Then, either with a Sharpie or acrylic paint, darken the words.

Let the paint set for a good hour so then you can glue the top of your banner to your stick or your pole.

Lastly, cut out a pieceof rope that's long enough to wrap around both ends of your stick.

Hang it up and then enjoy the good vibes.

(ding) Number six.

One thing I noticed thatmakes a huge difference with the overall space ishaving fresh, live plants.

If you're working and studying indoors a lot, keep a plant nearby you.

It will put your mind to ease and help give you some grounding balance.

So take out any oldjars and clean them up.

To add a little design to them, try spraying on a little gold paint.

And I've been going througha gold phase lately.

You can use tape to create shapes, or just spray the bottomfor a nice gradient effect.

Then add in pebbles,potting soil and succulents.

Succulents are superlow maintenance to keep, and just need very very little watering, yet they're so cute to look at.

(ding) Alright, here's a funway to display photos of people you love andthat means a lot to you.

All you need is a stick,paperclips and a string.

Depending on your stick, cut out a few pieces of strings andtie paperclips to them.

Make sure to space outyour clips for your photos.

And also, allow enough string up top so you can wrap it around the stick.

Make about how many strings you like or how many will fit your stick.

And then cut out an extra piece of rope so that way you can tie itto both ends of your stick.

And then hang it up like a photo mobile.

(ding) So moving is never fun,so here's a practical way of using your thingsfor multiple purposes.

Find crates that you canuse to help carry your stuff when you're moving into your dorm room.

After that, stack themtogether, creating a shelf.

To make the tabletop, place a similar-size serving tray up top.

And to make this bookcase more sturdy, put books or something more heavy up top and on the bottom to stabilize your shelf.

(ding) Number nine.

Ok, so everybody loves books right? And, of course, when you'rehaving lots of textbooks to study from, you're gonna need some book ends to keep them togetherand organize them in place.

All you will need to do is go outside, get some fresh air, and find some boulders or big rocks that you can bring back.

Clean them up really nice andtake out some craft paint, a paint of your choice, I'm choosing pink, because it's nice and bright.

And after this craft paint dries up, I'm going to spray this some gold paint, giving it a nice ombre effect.

This is so pretty to decorate in your home and at the same time it will organize all your books and put them in place.

(ding) I remember when living in my dorm, my walls were so boringand I just didn't know what in the world to do with them.

So if you want to liven up your space, and add some colors and prints, this is a great way to do so.

All you will need are some somecork wall tiles and fabric.

Find fabrics in bright prints or color, or something that will tiein with your overall room.

This is fun if you havesome old graphic t-shirts that you don't mind cutting up, or if you have any leftover fabric, you can cut this up enough towrap around your cork tile.

Do this to a couple of pieces and then with double-sided tape,hang them onto your wall.

The double-sided tape should be ok to use on your wall without damaging it.

And at the same time, it will add colors and prints to your overall space.

(upbeat music) Alright guys, that isit for today's video, thank you so much for watching.

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Thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you guys next week.

Muah, ciao!.