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– Welcome to my room.

(upbeat pop music) – Hi, guys! It's Kamri from the Kamri Noel channel, and today I'm here with Rylan, my sister.

And we're gonna show youguys Rylan's Room Tour – My room – But before we get started,make sure you subscribe, and comment down belowwith which one of our rooms you have loved so far.

– Yeah.

– Now onto the video (ambient soft rock music) – Party.

So what's over here? – So, this is my crownwall, and there's a crown and it fits perfectlyfor the theme of my room, which is junk gypsy.

So, Jenny, one of our really good friends, she painted the crown for me, and this is one of my favorite costumes, I was Tragedy Anne.

– [Kamri] How scary – [Rylan] Yes, and I lovedthis cause it was so spooky.

This is where keep all my bracelets.

I love all of them, I got acouple of these from my friends.

This is my favorite thing, Brooklyn and Bailey gotit for me from Peru.

It's a llama, and everyonein my family got one.

– [Kamri] Yeah, we all got one.

And then this picture, whew,that was a long time ago.

– [Rylan] Yeah, that was a long time ago.

– [Kamri] It was the firstday of school, 3rd grade.


Okay, now the bathroom.

So, when you first walk in, you have this reallycool thing, what is this? – This is an antique ceiling tin.

Apparently, in the olden days, they would put them up on the ceilingand they'd shimmer like metal.

– Cool.

– But after they would rust,they'd just throw them out.

So we just found themfor like a couple dollars at an antique store, so we bought it, and then it lookedreally cool on the walls.

– Then what do you do over here? – So, this is just where Iget ready in the morning, but I really love these cute flowers that my mom got from Hobby Lobby.

We just found this antique old mason jar from another antique store,and we just put them in there, and they add a really cute touch.

– And then, behind this door, we have.

The Jack and Jill bathroom The Jack and Jill bathroom! And now we have your desk, (gasps) is that where those books went? – Yeah (laughs) – I was looking for that book.

This is like my favorite book series ever.

Fablehaven, if youhaven't read it, read it.

And then you have yourmagnetic collage board.

– Yes.

So this is all my TaylorSwift and Meghan Trainor autograph stuff.

And then I have a few Sadie Robertson's LiveOriginal tour stuff.

– [Kamri] Oh yeah, we just wentto there a couple weeks ago.

– [Rylan] Yeah, we just wentthere a couple weeks ago.

– [Kamri] And a few other autographs, there's a lot on this.

– [Rylan] From Duck Dynasty This all my art that I do from school, family, all family.

– [Kamri] There's Paisley.

– [Rylan] And that's aboutit on my magnetic board.

– [Kamri] So we've got your bed, where is everything from? – My bedding is all from Beddy's, which we love so much.

– You can find your ownby clicking the link in the description box below.

And then you can even see,there's one on both sides.

– [Kamri] And I see thiscool writing over here, what does this say? – You can see, Junk Gypsy,which Jenny also painted.

My mom loves it so much,because she calls me her little gypsy, becauseI collect everything.

– And then to the closet, this is where you pick out your outfits.

Actually, you don't pickyour outfits out in here, you pick your outfits outin my room with my clothes.

– She's lying, don't listen to her.

– No, you come in myroom every single morning and take my clothes.

– No.

– Yes.

– Whatever.

– [Kamri] Okay, andthen your collage wall.

– So this is a reallycool old window frame, and we just put some reallycute chicken wiring in it, and we put my sunglasses on here, and then below it we dangledoff some cute feathers that have prints on them.

To make it look like junk gypsy – They match the junk gypsy theme – And up here we haveanother window frame, and inside we have this cute heart that looks like an old locket.

And then even more upthere, we have Betsy Jr.

, because Kamri has acow's head that is Betsy.

– [Kamri] And then thisguitar, it was broken, and what did we do to it? – [Rylan] So we bought itfrom an old garage sale, and we got some really cute paper that matched with my room.

And we mod podged it.

– [Kamri] Really cute.

– And then this sign says,this is a really cute sign, Dream Big.

And right up above it, wehave another ceiling tile.

– [Kamri] Just like theone in your bathroom.

– [Rylan] This one we painted,so it was like kinda rusty, but still cute.

And then over here wehave another window frame, and inside of it we have a cute R that has some little beads on it.

And then up above it, thelast thing on my wall, and this is a cool antique clock.

– And then down below, what do we have? – [Rylan] This is my fender amp, I got this for Christmas two years ago.

I love it so much.

(speakers drown each other out) – [Kamri] She plugs hermicrophone into it and sings.

– Yes and– – I also plug my guitarinto it so I can play.

– It's like, my favorite,because I use it all the time with all my recording stuff.

– And then, speaking of recording stuff, we have a recordingstudio that she sings in.

And I know how to use garage band, so I put all of this stuffin, and we can like– – Me and Kamri kinda share it.

Cause she can play ukelele and guitar, so she'll record on it.

– And last, but not least,what do we have here? – [Rylan] This is my rug.

– [Kamri] And it's super soft – Yeah, and it brings all thecolors in my room together.

– Yeah, lots of different pinks.

– Yeah, so, that's all formy room tour today, guys.

And I hope you guys leaveit a good thumbs up! – Woo! Thank you guys so, so much for watching.

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Because now you've seen all of our rooms.

See ya guys next time, bye! – Bye!.