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Hey guys today I have a little homedecor haul that I wanted to share with you I went to Ikea about a week ago and picked up some new things for my room and I was super super excited because Idon't have an ikea in my town so I rarely ever go to Ikea but Ireally needed things for my room.

I'm currently in theprocess of redecorating so theres stuff everywhere and I'm kinda a neat freak so tohave my room kinda explode kinda like a tornado hit it isreally weird and I don't if you can tell but I have alittle bit of a cold its all in my throat so my voice sounds little but weird.

I woke up completely sounding like a man this morning so I wasn't sure if I was gonna be able to film this video but Ireally wanted to get it filmed for you guys so Im sorry if I sound a littlelike weird.

I also have a few other things thataren't from Ikea that I wanted to include in this haul so Im going to jump in and show youwhat I got.

The first two things that I want to show you guys areactually pillows and I think tweeted about this I'm notreally sure but my sister actually made me some pillows while I was home visitingover the weekend We went to fabric land and pickedout some fabric that I was like that I really like and she made them.

this first one is a really tiny pillow.

it's really cuteIts just black and white stripe that's really simple but I love it and I'm kinda glad we decided to do thisin a smaller pillow because this fabric, if youstare at it for a long time it kinda makes you go cross-eyed sobasically all she did was take this fabric and cover it on a previous pillow that I already hadthat I didn't really like anymore and for this one we got thepillow insert from Ikea it was really inexpensive I think it might have been like betweenfive and seven dollars for this pillow she basically just used ablack fabric for underneath and then over top this really prettyrose fabric.

I love roses and I think this adds really nice texture to my coach.

I'vebeen on Pinterest a lot lately if you don't follow me on Pinterest I'll link it downbelow let me know your usernames inthe comments because I love to follow you guys so I've been on Pinterest a lot just lookingat other peoples couches I guess, I don't know if that's weird but I lovethe way it looks with a lot of different types of pillows and a lot of miss matching going on sothat's what I'm kinda trying to go for The next thing I got was a clothingrack and actually follow a lot of different Facebook pages where its kind of like a Facebook page for your community to sell things so I would highly recommend checking ifyou're like town or whatever has that too its kindalike just a giant yard sale online.

I actually found my kitchen tableon a Facebook page and I found my coffee table on there too I'm obsessed with my coffee table so Ipicked up a clothing rack for about five bucks and I thought it was a really goodidea because I hate going into my closet I think it's just because I have a lotof crap in front of my closet door so I don't really like to budge to getin there I have a uniform of black andwhite for school and work so I thought I'd put on my clothes onthere just so I can see exactly what I can wear every single day I found I can't forget that I have certainthings so it is nice to have it all laid out infront of me so I can see exactly what Iown, what I can wear and pick out my outfit for the next day and I went to Target actually and Ifound that their clothing racks was like fifteen or twenty dollars that's so Isaved a couple of bucks there just by buying a used one and it works perfectly fine so I'm in lovewith it alright for now for everything I bought from Ikea everything that I bought was for my bedroom.

The first thing was actually an Alex nine drawer because I'm basic and everyone and theirmother pretty much have it but I really needed a big organizationalthing to put all my DIY & Crafts supply inbecause right now they're all at the very end of me bed and that's why I can'tget into my closet.

my craft supplies has grown immensely over the past couplemonths so I have a lot of junk just laying there and whenever I do DIYvideos I always have to like sort through everything just to findwhat I'm looking for on the floor so I thought I would get that to sort those in.

Next thing was a really nice faux fur rug.

I'll show youwhat it looks like on my floor I decided to put it right in front of my clothing rack Ithink that gives it a really cute chic kinda look to it I guess and I reallylike the texture It adds a nice touch to the floor inmy room.

I like putting my feet on it because its nice and fuzzy.

for makeup brushes I actually decided to pick these up because I've seen a lot ofpeople use these for their brushes these are plant pots but they're really cute they're white and they have lace at the top and these are actually really really big and I have a lot of brushes and I have ahard time fitting them into the little holders I use currentlyso I thought this would be perfect this'll probably fit a ton more brushes which is kinda bad because kinda gives me an excuse to buy moremakeup brushes since I have more room for that now but I'm really really excited to set theseup I was on Pinterest one day and actually saw this ikea hack so basically its with the Ribba picture frame shelf so thesehold picture frames instead of hanging them on your wall other people have been using them tohold their nail polishes the space isn't too big, you could probably fit two rows of polishes on here.

My polishes are just sitting on my bookshelfbut my collection grew a lot so it kinda looked really like junky and overflowing I thought this was the perfect way to store my polishes instead of buying a whole rack because I don'thave that many nail polishes here where Im living right now but this would be perfect I thought thiswas a really good Ikea hack Then I bought three of the Lack mini shelves They're a good size, they're pretty small.

I wanted these for my products I got three so one for my hair productsand then skin care and body care they had a couple different sizes butI got the small one just because then it would inspire me tonot have as many products I guess because this shelf is only so big It could fit a good amount of products on here but I didn't want the shelves to be like overflowing with stuff so this would also inspire me to finish things up and get rid of everything That was my little home decor haul.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this video.

Let me know if you guys like me doing these kinds of videos because I'mkinda doing a lot lately but I love doing them I think they're reallyfun and I've been really really into home decor lately so let me know in the comments what you think andalso let me know your Pinterest username Im definitely going to be following a bunch of you guys.

I hope you have a great day Ilove you very much and I'll talk to you soon Bye guys!.