Home Bedroom Decor React: DIY Light Up Headboard! Affordable Room Decor

React: DIY Light Up Headboard! Affordable Room Decor

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hi guys for today's DOI video initiallyonly this really cool leather headboard actually very simple to make and Iabsolutely love the way it turned out so if you want to see how to make it justkeep on watching the first thing that you're going to need is a curtain roddepending on your room size are your room design could pick a curtain rodthat fits and works for your space you're also going to need some manylights and actually used two boxes of 300 minor from Walmart but you can alsoget that target are very inexpensive also from Walmart I got these commanddamage free hand I got an anti-ha can I get up using all 18 of lamb and hotlyfrom Ikea I got these Terry seem like a sheer white first step in to hang your curtains andI don't recommend you doing this yourself I didn't even feel comfortabledoing it so I had some help it does require an electric drill to thank youvery much tony for helping me once you're up and ready to go when you startadding the hooks now depending on which helps you choose you'll have differentinstructions mine are really simple they just have like appeal sticker and youadd I did use an entire 18 pack and for reference the cycle imagine there's roomto just go ahead and make a nice straight line with all of the beginadding your light and you're going to be really patient with this part if you'reusing me like I do they tend to get kinda tangled up so I can see here justwhat you wanted them down and then have them on top of that I just continue thisprocess until all the hooks are covered the purse strings of life once you're finished the light this iswhat they look like when you wanna go ahead and take your curtain rod down anadvocate for the curtain lot once you're all done adding the currency recurrentare you wanna go ahead and don't forget if you're like my whole street of plantback in because this will make it extra security 2011 falling down and thenyou're gonna go ahead and just arrange the current however you'd like to gomaking sure there's no holes or spaces in the headboard looks like I hope you guys enjoy thevideo kinky it's pretty simple to make and very affordable you didn't decide tomake this headline I would absolutely love to see a picture are tagged me oninstagram @ Laguna Beach live don't forget to check out my videos on mychannel subscribe if you haven't already and I will see you guys next time.