Home Bedroom Decor Popsicle Stick Crafts: DIY Silver Mini Floating Cube Shelf : DIY Room Decor Wall Shelves Tutorial

Popsicle Stick Crafts: DIY Silver Mini Floating Cube Shelf : DIY Room Decor Wall Shelves Tutorial

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hi everyone Tatiana Ambrose back withanother video by popular demand I am creating this video it is ado-it-yourself shell free room now my room theme is going towards the silversparkly side so this shelf will be silver oil be sparkly but it is an easydo-it-yourself that i will be creating for my bedroom and I all most likely becreating three or four of these so let's get right into it and get started if youlike this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up if you're new viewer pleasesubscribe to start off I'm going to have some wood glue and 42 popsicle sticksnow with my popsicle sticks i will be making a cube shelf you can also do arectangle shelf and even a hexagon shelf it is up to what shape you want yourselfto be so to start out with the cube shelf all we're going to be doing isadding two dots of glue on the popsicle sticks and then lay into popsicle stickson top of those now this is going to be your square base you really want to makesure that this where base is as straight as possible then you just continue onadd two dots of glue to the opposite popsicle sticks add on to more so youcontinue this until you have the depth that you want of your shelf i'm going tobe using a total of $OPERAND forty-two popsicle sticks but if you want yourshelf to be deeper feel free to add more so this is what 42 popsicle sticks lookslike at the end make sure to let it dry and then i amgoing to be taking this outside and spray-painting it silver so now i havespray-painted my shelf with two total codes of my silver spray paint I'm going to leave it outside tocontinue to dry while your shelf is drying now we can add the finishingtouch to our shelf which is the glitter so you add a little bit of Mod Podge andthen a lot of glitter make sure it's thoroughly mix through this is what my silver Mod Podge mixturelooks like now all you're going to be doing is just dabbing on your silverglitter Mod Podge all around the edges of your cube shelf once you're done with that let it fullydry before adding the finishing touches of the silver glitter Mod Podge on anyareas that you feel need a little bit more of the touch up and then set itaside to fully dry now i have my silver Sparkle fam bladesand one completed cube shelf that will hold whatever which right now it'sholding one of my favorite perfumes but i have it pinned with two push pinsbecause as I make and add more chefs the wall i may want to move this cube alittle bit down or a little bit up on the wall so this is a temporaryplacement of my cube shelf what did you think of this video did youenjoy it are you liking my bedroom decortransformations if so let me know comment on down below thank you so much for watching I'll seeyou in the next video.