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Hey guys, it's Mimi, and thisweek's theme on SevenSuperGirls is freestyle.

So I thought, since it recentlyturned to 2016– what, that's crazy– but everyyear I kind of like a change up my room alittle bit, you know, add a few things.

So that is why todayI am showing you guys a few room decorDIYs that I hope you guys like and can try out.

So let's get started.

OK, so the firstroom decor DIY that I am going to beshowing you guys is how build this super-dupercolorful wreath, for your door or your room in general.

And it is taller than me.

I'm on my tippy-toes too, guys.

Let's get started! OK, so what you need issome fabric, of course, this straw wreath– it canbe whatever size you want, but mine is pretty small.

A screwdriver, whichis kind of weird, but you will see why later.

And some scissors.

So the first thing that youdo is take your fabric– and I just put themon top of each other because they arelike fabric strips– and then you kind of cutthem into little squares.

There is not a certain length.

Mine are aboutthree-inch squares.

So let's get cutting.

OK, so now I have a lotof the fabrics squares.

What you are goingto do to put them in is actually take thefaded side of it– so there is the reallycolorful side, but then kind of the faded back side–and put that on the top.

And then you takethe screwdriver, and then you actually kind ofgo into the wreath with it.

And it should justeasily go through.

And, you know, poke a hole.

And then it kind offorms this little– I don't even know whatto call it– just this little fabric pocket thing.

And then you just continue todo that all around the wreath, until it kind of fills it up.

So that is what I amgoing to do right now.

So here is what itlooks like finished.

The next thing I am going tobe showing you guys how to make is this reallycute floral letter.

I did an M for my name.

And let's get creating.

So what you needis a wooden letter.

If your name starts withan M like mine, Mimi, I would get a wooden M orwhatever letter you guys want, and then some little fakeflowers, some scissors, and strong glue.

You can use hot glue gun,but if you are going to I would recommend parents'permission before using those, because they are called ahot glue gun for a reason.

So the first thing you dois take the fake flowers, and then you just cut them offfrom their little line parts.

Once you have cut out theflowers from the stems, you can start to placethem on the letter where you think thatyou want them to go.

I just randomly putthe colors together.

I did not do a certainpattern or anything.

But I think I have them in theplaces I generally want them, and now I can start gluing.

OK, here is how itturned out in the end.

So the next DIY I am goingto be showing you guys is how to turn a boring oldeither mason jar or random jar you have lyingaround into a really awesome, cool,cute, magical jar.

So let's get started.

So, some of thingsthat you will need is, of course, a Masonjar, a ribbon, and some of these marble things.

They are kind of like marble,but they have a flat bottom, like a rock.

They kind of look like a pebble.

And some hot glue orreally strong glue.

So the first thingyou have to do get all these marbleythings out of the Mason jar.

And then it's really simple.

All you have to do is glue thesemarbles onto the Mason jar.

OK, so I just finishedgluing all the marbles on and it almost looks,like, magical.

I don't know.

And the last step isto put on this ribbon.

And I chose a blue ribbonbecause some of my marbles are blue, so I just kindof want it to match.

OK, so now I have the bow.

And it already looks reallypretty like this, I think.

But if you do want toadd a candle in it– it kind of gives a cool effect.

And if you are goingto add a candle, please have yourparents help you because it is very dangerous.

So the last, but certainlynot least, room decor DIY I am going tobe showing you guys is this really cool wreath.

But, as you can tell, it is verydifferent from the first one.

And it kind of is apicture frame as well.

So let's get startedon making this.

So what you need for it is somecardboard that you will later cut into a circle like this.

Some scissors.

Some clothes pins.

And the other twothings are optional, but I have these flowerclip things and Washi tape.

I have a lot of Washi tape.

But, you do not need asmuch Washi tape as me.

I just have a slightaddiction to Washi tape.

So the first thingthat you do is have your cardboard–and mine is already cut into a donut shape–but if yours isn't, then cut it into a donut shape.

Once it is a circle, it is timeto put the clothes pins on.

But this is definitelyoptional, but I kind of like to spice upthe clothes pins.

So I took my Washi tapeand I put it on them, just to give it morecolor, so in the end it would not beboring or anything.

But if you don't want to do thator you don't have Washi tape you can definitely usepaper and just glue that on.

Or, if you don'twant to do it at all, you don't have to do it.

OK, now I put Washi tape on abunch of these clothes pins.

So what you do next is takethe back of the clothes pin– so not the partthat opens but the part that you press down– andput that into the cardboard.

And it should justslide in and stay there, like you don't need toglue it or anything.

And then you are going to justdo that with the rest of them.

So this next part iscompletely optional, if you wanted to have theseflower pin type things.

They just have a littleclothes pin thing on them, too.

And you can just put themon the cardboard as well, and it just makes it alittle bit prettier, I guess.

OK, so when you aredone adding the flowers, it is the most fun part, whichis putting on all the pictures.

And here is what itlooks like in the end.

OK, thank you guys so much forwatching my video this week.

I hope you liked seeingall these different DIYs.

So for multiple shout outsin my next week's videos, tell me me down belowwhich DIY was your favorite or which one you thinkyou are going to try.

And here are your shout outsfrom my last week's video.

I'll see you guys next week.

Have a sweet and sunny Saturday.