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Korea Haul: Korean Makeup, Clothes, Room Decor, and more! || Soo Hyun

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Hey guys, it's Soo! And today, I have a mini-haulfor you guys, of a bunch of Korean stuff that I bought when I came here.

I have technology,room décor, makeup, and clothes.

I will definitely be doing a bigger clothing haul once I getmore clothes, but because I've been busy settling in, I haven't had much of a chance to go clothingshopping.

Once I have more stuff, I will put up a bigger clothing haul.

Let's get started!:) So first, I have technology.

I have my newphone, the LG K10, which has rounded edges that fits really well into my hand.

It's notas big as my LG G3, which is what I had in America, but it still pretty much has allthe features as my old phone.

The thing about Korea is that when you buy stuff, it comeswith some free stuff, which they call "service" (서비스).

I didn't know this, but whenyou get a new phone, they give you a free phone case and screen protector.

I don't knowif that's with all phone providers, but with my phone provider, they did give me a screenprotector and phone case.

So I picked this one out from Goosperry.

This is a green *IMEAN GRAY* and brown flip-open case.

I also picked up another one today; I really likedthis because it looks really clean (??).

If you guys know me in real life, you know Ilove the simple, clean things.

This is smooth black with white stitching.

So yeah, I pickedthat up today.




Wow I sounded a little sassy there.

LOLNext for technology I have my new laptop, which my uncle actually bought one for meand one for my sister.

I really like this laptop; it'll be really helpful for me asI do homework, study online, use Microsoft Word, etc.

I'm really excited to have this& I'm really thankful! To my uncle, if you're watching this, we didn't get to thank youbecause you're away, so we're going to thank you now! :)Next is room décor.

I moved to a new country, so I did get a lot of new room stuff; I redidmy whole room.

I have new everything.

But I want to show that in a separate video, soI'm just going to show the little things I got to decorate my room.

First thing is thisadorable clock; I always wanted an old school clock, and I really love that this thing clicksback and forth when I set an alarm 🙂 And I'm actually going to do a little demonstration.

Here we go.

*RING RING RING BEWARE HEADPHONE USERS* I really like it, it's really cute,and I always wanted one, so I'm really happy about it.

So the second thing isn't reallyroom décor, but it's something I was really excited about so I want show you guys: Thisis a really cute little notebook journal thing, and I don't know if you can tell how smallit is but it's tiny! I keep this in my purse and use it when I get an idea or want to writesomething while I'm outside.

In Korea, you can get journals for a lot cheaper- in America,where I used to live, you could get a cute journal for 20-30 dollars.

But I got thisone for 800 WON, which is about 80 cents.

So I was really surprised; I thought thishas to be 5 dollars or something.

But nope, it was 80 cents! There's something in Frenchon the front, and I have no idea what it says, despite taking two years of French.

If youknow what this says, feel free to let me know, because that'd be really cool!So.

Actually I knocked one of these over when I was cleaning my desk.

You can tellthis is the one that fell because the pot is chipped 🙁 So I have these adorable littlepots: this is a cactus, this is aloe vera, and this is a succulent.

I love these so much,which I bought each for only $1.

50 each.

I bought three and they're all sitting on topof my desk, I love them! Hopefully I don't kill them, because usually when I get plants,they die within a month.

O_O Buuuut they're doing good so far! 😀 I'm like, carefulling.

I'm trying to be careful not to stain my new white coversbecause I'm wearing new black jeans.

You guys know the struggle- you get new black jeans,and you're like "Wow, I'm so excited to wear them!!" And then you realize they're BLACKJEANS, therefore have black ink in them, and they will get EVERYWHERE.

They're get on yourclothes, and hands.

Which is kind of a problem because everything in my room is white.

Anyways,I'm so off topic.

So last thing for room décor, I have this.

It's an adorable two-cubby container box, and it says "two" on here.

I got this from"Butter" in Times Square.

Yes, there's a store called Butter and yes, there is a mall calledTimes Square.

I actually saw Butter in another Korean YouTuber's video, I'm not sure who's.

But I saw Butter in the video, and I saw it at the mall, and I was like, "I have to gothere".

Of course, I had to pick this up! SO yeah.

:)So finally I have makeup.

I know Korean makeup is becoming popular.

They have those Korean/Asianmakeup displays at Urban, and I've seen a lot of other YouTubers do Korean Makeup Hauls,try-ons, etc.

I picked up some Korean makeup.

I thought I picked it up at Gangnam.

Actually,I went to a makeup shop in Gangnam, which you can see on my Instagram, but I didn'tbuy anything there.

So these are actually from a local store near my house.

I have twoitems from Laniege: The Easy Drawing Concealer, and Edge Drawing Eyeliner.

The concealer isa stick concealer, so obviously it comes with a sharpener.

I almost just cut my fingeron it.

Warning, don't cut your finger on the concealer sharpener.

The actual productalmost reminds me of color pastel.

I think it works really well.

It kinda reminds meof little color oil pastels from fifth grade art projects.

Thumbs up if you remember those.

🙂 Next, I have my edge drawing eyeliner.

I haven'tused it at all.

If you guys watch Finding Carter, you know carter used to draw her eyelinerwith Sharpie.

And this is literally like the eyeliner version of that Sharpie.

I triedit out on my hand in the store, and it didn't disappear until the second day.

I guess ifyou want to draw eyeliner with a Sharpie, this is for you! :DLike I said earlier, about the phone cases, a lot of stores in Korea like to give youfree samples to go along with what you buy.

When I bought these two, I got this.

They'resuper soft.

They're makeup removing pads.

I didn't have any of these, and I thoughtI should go pick some up, but then they gave these to me so I was like, "YEAH!!".

So far,I've only been here for a few weeks, and I haven't had much time.

So this is what I have,but I'll definitely do a bigger haul later.

First, I have this sweater.

Oversized is atrend here.

So this is a big, oversized red burgundy sweater.

Next is these pants.

Oh my gosh my face.

I actually got these from my aunt.

I'm reallyexcited to wear this! And then, I also have.

Okay, so it's kindaweird, but in Korea they wear these types of pants when they go exercise.

I don't knowif I'm going to keep them yet.

Finally, I'm so excited about this one.

Because I've wanted skirts like this for so long.

In America, I owned like, 20 skirts,and 3 pairs of jeans.

That's how obsessed I am with skirts.

I am SO excited about this,you guys have no idea! I got this from the Gangnam underground shopping district.

I reallylove it.

🙂 So yeah, that is all I have.

That was saidreally weird.

That is all I have for today! Thank you guys for watching, I hoped you likedthe video.

So I'm not trying to brag in any way about any of the stuff I got; I'm verythankful.

I've just had friends who've been curious about what I've got for my room andsuch.

I've been showing everyone stuff through various texts, pictures, Skype, FaceTime,etc.

So I wanted to just show everyone everything all at once.

So this is it! So yeah! Pleaselike, comment, and subscribe, if you haven't already, I will leave all my links in thedownbar, thank you for watching, again! And I'll see you all next week.