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Hi Everyone! This is Estarlina and This… (ROAR) Is my Special: Jurassic World inspired DIY ROOM DECOR! Jurassic park has been one of my favorite movies since I was a little girl, and I guess that in part, I have to thank what I am today to it soo, let’s say that this is my small tribute to this amazing saga.

The first DIY is this super cute Dino-pillow! It’s super easy! You’ll only need a Pillowcase,a pencil with an eraser on the top, paints in the color of your choice, Somewhere tocreate the shades, and the Dino-stencil, just print it and cut it, you can do any dinosaur shape.

The first step is to protect the back part with some newspaper, and then with some needles, pin the dino-stencil wherever you want.

Once you have it pinned, we are going to create the color shades.

And then, with the eraser of our pencil, we are going to start making dots all around the stencil, moving from the darkest color, to the lighter one.

This may take a while, so put your favorite YouTube Show on and just have fun! Let it dry completely before removing the stencil.

And then you only have to put itinto your pillow and voila! Yap it's that simple! I had so much fun doing it! It was even relaxing… The next one is this awesome 3D Dinosaur footprint box! Aka DinoBox For this You’ll only need a Wood box, some polymericclay and a dinosaur footprint, that you can easily find on the internet.

First, we are going to create the footprint.

We are going to glue the image to a stronger base, maybe some cardboard, and just cut the outside part.

Once you have the footprint, we are going to make the base with the polymeric clay,so with the help of a cylinder, we are going to make a flat square that fits the lid ofthe box.

Then what we are going to do is to press thefootprint into the clay, strongly, but carefully, and then slowly remove the paper paw.

During this process the polymeric clay, will lose a little bit of its form, so we are going to re-shape it, and then put it into the oven.

Once it has completely cooled down, we will glue it to the lid of the box.

If you don’t want your lock to be painted, its time to remove it and put it into a safety place like seriously don’t lose any of the mini nails it have on it 😉 Then you just have to give it a couple of coats in colour you prefer and when it’scompletely dry you can re-assemble the lock.

and you are ready to use your awesome Dinobox!Yeeeeeeey And now my favorite! Seriously, when I firstthought in this DIY I didn’t expect it to turn that awesome! I Love it!! Its suuuuupercool, trust me it looks amazing! For this Jurassic Canvas you will need obiously a canvas, two different color sprays, some glue and the shape you want to put on it.

Just print the template on a paper and with a lot of patience, and a X-Acto knife cut the shape and the holes.

On the canvas, we first need to create a base color, so, with the lighter spray, we are going to give an even coat all over the canvas, and then let it dry.

Once it’s completely dry, with our glue we are going to glue the shapes, but we wantit to be completely glued, especially at the edges, so be generous with the glue in that part.

Now that you have everything glued down, we are going to give a coat with the second color, all over the canvas, and again, let it dryreally well.

Okay, now it’s turn to peel the dinosaur, to reveal the beautiful shape we have behind it! It was surprisingly easy to remove the paper,I was a little bit scared to see if it have ruined my first coat, but “ ah aaah” Notat all, just perfect! Since I tend to overcharge things with toomuch decorations, this time I decided to keep it simple, but seriously, I LOVE it, it looks just amazing! All this DIY are super simple and affordable!And they are just sooo adorable! If you haven’t had enough yet, This is aSpecial, which means that there will be another video with the rest of the DIYsthat you haven’t seen in this one, so hit that Subscribe button for more exciting videos that are coming up soon, Also like this video and leave me in the comments below with whichDinosaur would you like to have as a pet!! Thanks for watching and I hope to see youthe next time, bayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ^^.