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Jane’s Room Décor: A Hawaiian Paradise | PBteen

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PB Teen My Room Rules Jane Aloha! Hi I'm Jane and welcome to my room.

First I'd like to show you my, this is my dresser where I keep all my clothes.

And I have my earrings here, I make some of these myself, and I have the mirror, Okay, so let's go over here.

This I got for my birthday.

I have a seahorse and shells, and sand dollars, and then here, let's go onto my bed.

This bed, the sheets, and the comforter were from Pottery Barn Teen, and the pillows.

These are some pictures that go with my room.

I took this picture myself, and these pictures we found on the internet, and then also I'd like to point out these palm leaves on my wall, there's some over there too.

And so this is my closet where I keep all my clothes.

but the best thing is my mural.

I got this mural from Pottery Barn Teen's catalog last year for my birthday, and I really love it because I get to wake up to it every morning.

So thanks for watching my video.