Hello I'm Angela Broughton from PolesandBlinds.


Today I am going to show you how to make voile curtains.

Voile curtains are obviously very fine and slip around everywhere so you have to use lots of pins and take great care with them.

When you are joining the seam of the voile curtain because they are not lined you have to do what is called a French seam.

I have already sewn along this seam.

You have to sew the seam of the curtains so that the right side of the fabric on both sides is facing out.

so you make the first row of machining with the right sides facing outwards.

This is showing you exactly what I mean.

The right sides of the fabric are facing to the outside.

Voile is very slippery so you must be sure to use lots of pins.

When you have machined the seams together press well.

Make sure you do not have your iron too hot or on steam because you can end up making the fabric shrink or worse still burn the fabric which will melt into a crinkled mess.

After you have finished pressing all the way down the seam turn it through and then press again this time with the wrong sides facing outwards.

Press all the way along the machine line, right the way down the full length of the curtain and pin.

This is actually going to be the seam.

You now have a neatened salve edge that is hidden inside the french seam.

For my voile curtains I am going to put a panel at the top and bottom of the curtains as it looks very attractive so you don't see the raw edge of the fabric through the heading tape.

It is completely up to you the size you want to make the panels.

but I usually make them about 10" as you have to turn in a small hem each side.

I make the top panel just a little bigger than the heading tape that I am going to be using or if you are going to be fitting eyelets, it needs to be bigger than the rings.

It's just a matter of choice.

That will be the size of the heading tape and then you have the turnings.

So you really want to cut the top panel about 10" and the bottom panel about 12" finished which is 24" as you are going to fold it in half.

So here you are with the cut bottom panel which you fold in half and press all the way along but make sure the pattern is running true as usual because otherwise it will just look dreadful if the pattern is running out.

Fold in a little seam both top and bottom exactly in half, because what you will end up doing is sewing the curtain inside this panel and so the seams need to be directlyon top of each other otherwise you'll see one of the sides grinning through from the other side of the voile.

When that's done, turn it through so that you have the end neatened before you start to sew.

Give it a quick pin first because as I said before it's critical that this starts off completely on top of eachother.

Machine down the side to neaten off the end of the panel, back stitch.

Cut the corner off so that it's not bulky in the corner when its folded through.

Turn through Cut the spare off and then there you are with this panel when it is pressed, ready to go on the bottom of the voile curtains.

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