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Hello I'm Angela Broughton from Polesandblinds.

Com I'm going to show you today How to make pencil pleat curtains Measure your finished curtain length across the whole width of the curtain and pin in place.

Take your heading tape and pull the strings out from the end.

Knot the strings securely and trim off the surplus.

Make sure that you remember you have a left and right hand curtain so make sure that the knotted end of the tape is always to the centre of the curtains with the knot sewn in and hidden from view.

or the knot may well show on the leading edge of the curtains Mitre the corner of the curtain so you've got a neat edge to attach the start of the tape.

Fold under and pin the tape to the edge and top of the curtain.

Fit the tape half an inch (1 cm ) down from the top of the curtains.

Its a good idea if you can to start the tape where there's going to be a hook because if you have it midway you'll have a flat section of curtain showing that isn't gathered pop the pin in again keeping it at ninety degrees to the hemline Just a quick tip I've learnt over the years it seems simple but always ensure you have the hook pocket on the front side or you'll end up having sewn all the way across to find that you've got the position of the hook sewn in onto the face of the curtain and you'll have to undo them all You will need to have a double row of pins to keep the tape at ninety degrees, keeping the bulk of the curtain to the left side so that you only have a small section here by the machine head.

Mitre the other corner in and pull the strings free.

Pin securely in place.

Machine the heading tape on holding it firmly and sewing slowly over your pins.

Machine both rows making sure you keep the knotted end of the cord concealed and the cords free on the outer edge of the curtains.

Machine along the top and down the sides of the tape and neaten off.

Do not sew the loose cords into the tape, you will need to pull them to gather the heading.

Generally you need about 4 spaces between each hook so that would be about 9 hooks to a width but count the number of rings or sliders on your track before you hook the curtains to make sure you get the quantity right Take the loose string end and pull the gathers evenly and tie a knot at the end to make sure you keep the strings pulled completely evenly It's easier to do this on a flat surface to see the pinches are evenly spaced Pull the strings evenly until the heading is the correct length.

Wind the string around your fingers and then wind the last bit of spare string around the knot to fasten it Keep the knot in from the last hook so doesn't show when the curtains are hung There you have a single width left hand side of a pair of Pinch Pleat Curtains.