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How To Install Curtains | Pottery Barn Kids


Pottery Barn Kids blackout panels darken aroom for a better night's sleep and more restfulnaps.

The blackout woven lining helps to block outthe light and reduce sound from the outside.

It's easy to create a beautiful window with our blackout panels.

Now, let’s get started.

To complete the perfect window, you will needa Phillips head screwdriver, a drill,a measuring tape, a level and a pencil.

First, determine the look of your window bydeciding to mount above or directly to the window trim.

Mounting above the window creates long lines and a dramatic effect.

Mounting directly to the trim highlights architectural detail.

To find out what length rod you'll need, measure the width of the window.

If you are mounting to the wall, add six to eight inches to fully cover thetrim.

Keep in mind that our larger finialswill require an extra four or five inches on each side.

To decide what size panel you'll need, measure from where you decided to mount therod, all the way to the floor.

When your measurements are complete, you can begin to shopfor just the right window hardware and coverings.

Start with the hardware.

Pick out your favorite finial and choose the rod that fits the range of yourmeasurements that will adjust down to the right size.

To create a layer treatment with our sheers, you will need hardware that can accommodatetwo panels.

Pottery Barn Kids offers a double add on kitwhich includes wall brackets and a rod for the back panel.

This holds an exterior and interior rod, so a set of sheer drapes can gonext to the window with your chosen panel.

Add hold-back hardware to have panelslooking clean and neat when open.

Our hold-back hardware and finials are soldas a set.

At Pottery Barn Kids, we are here to helpyou.

If you need more ideas, or have any more questions,don't hesitate to call or come by one of our stores.