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How to Design Eco-Friendly Kids’ Rooms | Pottery Barn Kids

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Growing SpacesGoing Green I'm Zem Joaquin, I am editor in chief and founder of ecofabulous.

Com, a website devoted to style and sustainability.

I really wanted my kids' rooms to be fun and inviting, and exciting for them and for their friends,but of course they still had to be environmentally conscious.

My daughter had this kitchen that she was so madly in love with, the little pink kitchen, so the whole design approach was,let's work around this kitchen and many houses do that so it seemed totally appropriate.

Mydaughter wanted something that was stylish, a little bit edgy, but of course she's a littlegirl so she wanted lots of pink, so we used the pottery barn organic cotton sheets, and we then used the old comforter cover thatwe had.

I found a vintage chandelier when I was at a flea marketone day and then luckily I ended up finding a complimentary mirror.

We also did of course non VOC paints on the walls, and then, she wanted something really glamorous so we added in the silver cork floors, and then you've got the beautifulpink silk curtains that kind of delineate the space so it feels like she's got a little stage behind her bedroom, which is actually the bathroom.

We kept as much of the original tile and finishes as we possibly could.

With my son's room, he was so in love with his speed boat style bed, that we decided to create a space that really feltlike the ocean.

You wanted it to feel like it was out in the middle of the water, so we put that giant framed photo that puts youway in the water and we did the blue floors so it feels like the boat is truly sitting in the water.

Then we complimented it with thetraditional plantation shutters but I was lucky enough to find shutters that were made out of sustainably harvested bamboo.

The bathroom was a lot of fun to create because hewanted it to feel kind of like part of the boat, so we were able to find porthole mirrors, that really created that feeling and we just played on it with the blue walls that are you know, again an eco-friendly paint and it really created a truly nautical feeling,and that's what my son wanted.

It was really important for me to create spaces that were fun, friendly, inviting and exciting to my childrenbut was still totally sustainable.