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How Abigail Ahern styled her bedroom


Windows are obviously massively important.

First of all they're a major finishing touch.

So when you embellish them with blinds orcurtains, you're softening your room incredibly.

My bedroom is a browny, taupey, really relaxinghue.

Everything else in my room is super-texturalso there's big slubby moroccan rugs, throws over the bed, lots of foliages, lots of texturesgoing on at the same time.

One wall I've completely wood panelled withreally old, old boards from the River Stower, which just feels incredibly comforting.

I am a blind girl and I always used to haveblinds, so I looked at Hillarys products and originally thought I'll go for blinds.

Then I thought no I'm going to try the mesmerisingcolour of a curtain called mocha because it looks like my paint, then I accented it withgrey blackout blinds.

I love the friction between the curtain beingsophisticated and silky and the blind being a little more textural.

When I put the two together magic almost happenedand I thought they'd be the most perfect partnership – and they are! Hillarys curtains are so simple and so sophisticatedand look so beautiful in my bedroom.

They just add glamour.

They make your walls feel taller and granderbecause your eye is immediately drawn to the top of the window so your room feels tallerthan it really is.

So it is the most incredible transformativetrick to literally put curtains against your window, the eye goes higher, the room looksgrander.

To think that before I never really thoughtabout having curtains there, and now I've got them I'm completed converted to lovingcurtains.

They make the room grand and sophisticatedand beautiful so they are the most beautiful finishing touch to that space.