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Heather’s DIY Rainbow Room Decor!

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Hey, everyone.

It's Heather, andsince this week's theme on SevenPerfectAngelsis crafty, today I'm going to be showingyou guys five fun and awesome DIYs for yourroom, to eat, or even to wear.

So, let's hope theywork out, and let's get started to the first craft.

For this craft you will needan awl, Christmas lights, and ping pong balls.

So what we're goingto do is we're going to have our Christmaslights here, and our ping pong balls here, and our awl.

Now, the awl is notvery sharp, but you if you guys wouldfeel more comfortable, you can totally ask yourparents to do this step.

So using your awl,all you need to do is poke a hole inthe ping pong ball, and I would recommend pokingit right where the label is.

That way we don't see it.

Once the hole is thesize of the fairy light, you can plug it in.


You got your first light.

And all you need to dois repeat that step.

[GASP] Oh! I love it! It looks so cool! Let's move on to the next DIY.

You will need canvas, permanentmarker, and 42 different paint swatches.

The first step is to lay outall of your paint swatches in rows of 6×7.

Then you cut them sothey fit to the canvas.

I cut mine in squares.

Once that's done,take the top row and cut them intosmaller pieces.

These will be the days of theweek, from Monday to Sunday.

Now we're goingto be labeling it.

So this top label isgoing to be the month, and then the littleones at the top are going to be Monday-Sunday,and then all the squares are going to be the date.

So, let's go.

And 30.

All right.

Our DIY calendar is done! Because of all thedifferent colors, it would look so good in yourroom, and match anything.

You will need gummy bears,lemon lime soda, popsicle trays, or, if you don't have that,you can use an ice cube tray.

So as you can see,all you really need to do is putas many gummy bears as you want inthe popsicle tray, fill it up with lemon lime soda,and then put it in the freezer to freeze overnight.

The next day, takethem out and enjoy.

These popsicles will be greatfor a sleepover, a birthday party, or even foryour brother or sister.

You will need permanent markers,rubbing alcohol, white shoes, and a spray bottle to putthe rubbing alcohol in.

For this craft,started off by coloring the entire shoe whatever color,or whatever design you'd like.

Once that's done,take your spray bottle and spray the shoe withthe rubbing alcohol.

This should give it a reallycool watercolor effect.

The inside is morewhat I was going for.

So, we're going to experimentand color the other shoe differently.

Let's go.

All right.

So after a lot, anda lot of spraying, I got it to look alittle bit better.

It still looks reallypretty on the inside, so my suggestionis if you guys want to try this yourselves, coloron the inside of the shoe first, and then spray,and then it should look like this on the outside.

Here is what you needfor this final craft– a canvas, hot glue gun, waxcrayons, and a hair dryer.

As you can see, I'm just gluingthe crayons to the canvas.

And guys, these glueguns get super hot, so make sure you haveyour parents' supervision or permission before using it.

Make sure your hair dryer is onthe hottest setting possible, and then just bea little patient.

30 seconds in, your hair dryershould start melting the wax.

It looks so neat.

I'm obsessed with this DIY.

And we're done! I think it looks so cute.

This is probably myfavorite DIY so far.

It will look so nice in my room.

It's so pretty.

So, those were all ofthe DIYs I tried today.

I had so much fun, and Ihope you guys try it out for yourselves.

Hey, everyone.

It's Heather.

So, I really hope youfuys enjoyed my five DIYs for this week.

Here are your shout outsfrom last week's video.

All right, so nowwe're onto our– Yeah.

I'm just tryingto get this open.

For a possible shout outin my next week's video, comment down below, outof the five rainbow DIYs that I did today, whichone is your favorite, and which one wouldyou like to try? All right, guys.

I hope you have agreat week, and I will see you guys next Sunday.