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[Intro Music] We want to give a shout-outto Amanda the Panda.

Thanks for the request and Just Craft It.

First we want to show yousome of the goodies we got.

The first store was Justice.

We found these cute little dollsized notebooks.

They also had these surprise Emoji figurines.

It comes with two in a bag.

So let's open it up and see which ones we got.

Here they are.

So it's cool because theycan actually stand up, and we use them as bookends in the video.

Leave us a commentif you can tell us what two Emoji's these are.

They also had several Emoji bean bagsand they are the perfect size for your American Girl Doll.

So we got a few of those.

And thenthey had these Emoji erasers.

It comes with six in a pack, and they had several differentoptions to choose from.

Now, some of the pillows on the bed came from McDonalds and some ofthem we made from our Emoji Pillow video.

We looked everywhere for Emoji fabric butwe just couldn't find any.

So we had to get creative.

We found these leggings at Walmart.

We got the largest size they had.

That way it gave us more material to work with.

Wecut them up and we made a blanket for the bed and also a cushion for our doggy bed.

The over sized floor pillow came from Walmart and the skateboard came from the Dollar Tree.

We just put a sticker printable on top.

Now these hanging photos are so adorable.

So whatwe did was made a printable and you can print them yourself.

Just go to our blog.

And thenuse the American Girl Magazine to cut out little images of your dolls, and then youcan place them right in the square of the photos.

Just use a glue stick.

Push them on.

You can even laminate them if you want them to look shiny.

Now cut them out and hang themup.

For some of the wall decor, we took different size buttons and bottle caps, printed outsome fun Emoji's and all we did was glue them to the top of the caps and hang them on thewall.

And its fun that they are different sizes and colors, becuase it gives it thatpop on the wall.

And then for something a little different, we took these leftover halfStyrofoam balls from our BB-8 Video, painted them all yellow and then painted the facesof the Emoji's we wanted right on top.

Now painting can be a bit tricky, so you can alsodraw the faces on with markers.

[ Music ] And for the finishing touch, we painted the roomdesigner's nails with Emoji's.

Now again this can be tricky.

First we painted the nailsa light blue.

Then for the circle face Emoji's we used a q-tip and painted them yellow.

Sojust put yellow dots on the nails.

And then for the faces like the eyes, the nose, themouths, the Winky, the Kissys, we used a size 00 paint brush and toothpicks.

Just be sureto wash your paint brush with nail-polish remover when you are done.

And be patient,becasue these are really tiny faces you are painting onto your nails.

[ Music ] And for fun, leave us a comment with what 10 Emoji's you would paint on your nails.

[ End Music ].