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Easy DIY Room Decoration: Wall Art! Simple and Cheap Idea

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Hello everyone! I am Juliette and Today I'll show you how to decorate your wall in an easy and economical way Is that lately I've been making videos about makeup, beauty & Reviews But my channel will not be just that.

Because I feel I have more to show them I do not want to put my channel in a specific category.

For this reason I have created a new section I'll be doing DIY every FRIDAY Some videos will be shorter than others.

But not last more than 8 minutes You're going to love these DIY, because.

They are cheap to make I'll be working with a small budget.

They are friendly to the environment I'll show you how to recycle products and transform them into beautiful things They are healthy and organic.

I will teach you how to prepare healthy meals and beauty treatments Avoiding preservatives and artificial.

They are easy to make You do not have to be an expert to make these DIY.

Anyone can do it.

I hope you enjoy this project.

And now let's begin.

First you must change the color of your photo to sepia.

Then you can put a film frame in any editor.

And now.

it's time to transportanrnos the past.

Retro for this project you'll need.

A stapler and many photos! I imprimi 29, 7 column But you can print all you want Depending on the size you want to create mural First.

accommodates your photos in the order they will be on the wall.

Then all you have to do is abrocharlas, leaving a space in between about 3 millimeters.

It's very easy to do And only take you a few minutes I had a huge, empty and sad wall in my room I needed a little life.

I put tape on the first picture of each column And the paste on the wall.

Also I printed some pictures old style Hollywood To give the project a touch Noir.

I really enjoy doing this.

I am far from my family and friends to which much stranger.

But now, every time I wake up or I go to sleep I see photos and memories how many wonderful people I have in my life.

I hope you enjoyed this video If you want to see more DIY easy, cheap and fabulous you just have to subscribe to my channel Every Friday I will be uploading videos Have a great day And we are prontito !! Bye! :).