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DORM ROOM decorating ideas for College Dorm Room

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So I came home from my little trip to see Sharrah at school, and I decided.


Your either going to do this or you're not.

And if you are, then you need to make a plan, you need to have a purpose and you need to rob a bank.

Its actually on a budget, believe it or not, I mean we could have shopped at high end furniture stores but we didn't.

We shopped at IKEA, well I shopped at IKEA, Homegoods, Target.

Those kinds of places.


That's so cool.

Dang baby girl.

Thank you so much.

Yeah I like it.

Look it, all that over there is cute.

This is so rad.

Thank you mom so much.

It's so nice.

I love it.

I love the colors, it looks so good.

Thank you so much.

I love it, it's so much more color, it looks bigger.


Roomier, you actually definitely want to hang out in here.

I think it's cool cause we use this space rally well and there's a lot of places to put things and Um, we've got a nice mirror and I got my shirts still here, and it's , it's actually hip, and I think it's cool we were able to use the color of the walls and you involved the bed spread I already had, and you were really able to use what we already had and make it a master piece.

I mean this room is 100% different, and I think the before and after pictures are going to be.



I mean remember when we were talking about um.

if we should have her come and do it and we were like " oh were only going to be here for a few months maybe, maybe it's not worth it".


I was like, I had no idea it would even turn out this good and I thought it would be, put a frame on the wall.



It's amazing.

I love it.

Drive safe.


Thank you.

Bye bye.