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DIY winter room decor | Madlin Abu Trabi

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Hello! My name is Madeline and welcome to my channel! Today I'll show you a video of the room decor.

To be honest, this is my first video in English at all the first video of the room decor.

I hope you enjoy it, and let's get started! You will need: Branches; Yarn; Paper; Glue; Scissors; Acrylic paint and small Christmas toys.

So let's begin! First, make a round shape for a wreath by adding branches and securing them with thread.

Cut a strip of paper and twist it as shown in the video.

Let us cut a little wider strip and cut her fringe.

We paint it with acrylic paints.

Obkrutim it around the other strip, fixing it with adhesive.

We make the most of fir branches and fasten them in his wreath Take the Christmas decorations and attach them to the wreath with glue.

The wreath is ready! For the next master class, you will need: Glass jar; Self-adhesive paper; Scissors; Acrylic paint and a piece of sponge.

Let's get started! We cut out a snowflake from a self-adhesive paper and attach it to the bank.

Paint jar with acrylic paints, using a piece of sponge.

When the paint is dry, remove the paper.

And your jar is ready! And for the latest DIY, you will need: Branches; Salt; PVA glue; Acrylic paints; Christmas decorations and a piece of sponge.

Let's start! Cover the branches with white glue and then salt.

Cover sprig of acrylic paints.

Make more of these branches, and you're done! Do not forget to sign and thumbs up!.