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DIY Water Marble Room Decor. How to Make Stickers at Home!

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Hey guys! I was filming the water marble nailart tutorial the other day and I got this amazing idea of water marble decorations.

I realized that if you let the polish completely dry on the water, you actually get these cutelittle stickers that you can stick on any flat surface that you want.

You can decoratemirrors, windows or candles like me.

And of course you can play with different colorsand different designs.

Today I created a heart, a circle design, a flower and a star.

Okay,so let's go to the tutorial! Water marbling is a cool technique used in nail art.

Youdrip drops of nail polish to the water surface, draw a design and then dip the finger in thewater.

However, in this tutorial I'll show you how you can use water marble techniqueto create stickers to decorate your room or any flat surface, such as glass.

Instead ofdipping your finger in the water, just leave the polish on the water surface until it iscompletely dry.

One to two hours should be enough.

In this video you'll learn how tocreate different designs, how to take the dried polish out of the water and how to cropthe edge to get this super cool sticker.

By the way excuse my crazy nails in this video,I was filming some nail art tutorials and that's why my nails are full of differentdesigns.

See how cute my candle looks now! Before itwas rather boring, but now it looks so much better! The coolest feature is that the stickeris semitransparent and it glows in different colors when in front of a light source! Also,you don't need any glue to attach the sticker to the surface — water in combination withnail polish takes care of that! Now let's see the water marble process stepby step and make different designs.

Start off with room temperature water and drip dropsof different colored polishes on the water surface.

Not all polishes work with watermarbling, so test which ones you can use first.

I have a video on my channel that gives youa lot of tips on water marbling, so check that one first if you have problems.

Whenyou have your bull's eye ready it's time to draw some designs.

For this you need a pointytool like a needle or a toothpick.

First we'll make a star.

Drag the toothpick from the centerout like so and repeat this step all the way around to get a star shape.

Here let's makea flower.

This time drag the pointy tool towards the center! Remember to start dragging fromthe third ring of the polish.

The two outer rings may already be dry.

But again – youcan find all these rules in my water marble for beginner's tutorial.

And this is how youget a beautiful flower! To make a heart design, simply drag the toothpick in a straight linethrough the polish.

It's that simple! Or you can just let the polish be and you'll getthe circles design, which looks awesome too.

Now we need to leave the designs in wateruntil they are completely dry.

They look so amazing already, right? I like playing withdifferent colors when making these decorations, the brighter is the better for me.

When the polish dries it normally gets a bit wrinkly on the edges, but don't worry, assoon as you pull it out of the water these wrinkles will disappear.

Carefully take thewater marble design out of the water and you can instantly stick it wherever you want.

This is just insane, isn't it? I like to decorate these simple glass candles.

You don't needany glue! As long as the back of the sticker is wet, it will stick firmly to any flat surface!It works especially well on mirrors, windows and other glass surfaces.

Here I didn't trimthe outer edge, but it still looks just as lovely.

Later, I'll show you how to trim theouter edge to get even more polished design.

Even though the sticker is very thin it isactually not that sensitive.

As you can see I haven't torn any.

But a careful hand isof course welcome.

After several hours the sticker sticks so firmly to the glass thatyou need to use an acetone if you want to remove it.

Ok, now I'll show you how to make the decorations even neater by trimming the outer edge.

WhatI like the most with these water marbling decorations is that you don't really needanything except nail polishes.

And we girls normally have plenty of those at home, right?So these awesome stickers are super easy and simple to make and the best part is that theydon't cost a dime.

Also, these decorations are done in no time and always turn out cooland unique.

When the sticker is completely dry, take itout of the water and start cutting the outer edge of the polish with scissors.

Hold thesticker very gently so you don't tear it apart.

I find that small scissors made for trimmingnails work best for this task and give you the most control.

See how neat and cute thissticker looks! You can also cut out the heart when you are making a heart design, or a star.

You can basically make any sorts of shapes and designs with them.

I am a huge candleperson.

Especially since here in Norway winters are very long and dark I like the cozy andwarm atmosphere that a candle brings.

Here I am decorating my boring mirror.

I am seriouslyin love with this water marble room decor technique.

You can also decorate vases, brushholders, flowerpots.

I have been having so much fun with all of these lately.

And lookhow cute this DIY looks in front of a burning flame! The sticker shows most of its charmwhen the lights are off.

It gives that romantic and relaxed feel to your room.

The light comingfrom the candle will reflect colors of polish you've chosen for water marbling.

I hope you'llgive this cool technique a try.

I was decorating all my mirrors and candles with these stickers!A bit obsessed, I know.

But anyway, thank you so much for watching and please subscribeif you haven't already.

Bye, bye! Hey guys! I was filming the water marble tutorial.

I realized that if you let the polish.