DIY Valentine’s Day Room Decor Ideas | Recycle Magazine 3D Hearts | Recycled Crafts Ideas For Kids

Hello Everyone!Welcome to our Channel Shaun & Kyra! In this video we are going to recycle an oldmagazine into a nice Heart decoration.

This is how to do it:Fold the first page of the magazine in half.

Then fold the bottom of the page to make an angle.

Repeat for all the pages.

Now, trace a half heart shape on the coverof the magazine.

Cut the shape with scissors and then rip off the top part along the spine and repeat for all the pages.

Cut the spine with the scissors.

Fold the top of approximately 12 pages in the middle of the heart into an angle.

Wrap a string around the heart to hang it! Thanks for watching and we'll see you next time!Bye!! See ya.