Home Bedroom Decor DIY UNICORN EMOJI PILLOW! DIY room decor (Sew/no sew) | Lovely gift idea!

DIY UNICORN EMOJI PILLOW! DIY room decor (Sew/no sew) | Lovely gift idea!

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Hello ! In this video, I'll show you how to make this adorable cushion shaped emoji unicorn So if you are interested, continue to watch this video! Start by printing the unicorn emoji on a sheet of paper You can also trace the shape directly from your computer if you prefer.

Then take a piece of white tissue And draw the contours on the back of the fabric Next, rotate your model and draw the outline of the other side Cut the fabric following the contours and be sure to leave at least one cm on board as Place both sides against each other leaving the upside down on top And hang them together with pins all around the lines Then you can sew them together or paste the following lines If you stick, it will be faster, but choose to sew gives cleaner finishes So it's up to you and be sure to leave an opening at the bottom My first attempt was unsuccessful, so I started with another finer fabrics Once you have sewn or glued Flip the cover and use padding to give volume to the cushion Then close the hole by sewing it or sticky For facial details, I started by cutting two triangles for ears in the pink felt I glued To the nose, cut a piece comma-shaped With lilac felt and paste it For the mane, I first traced the contours of the form Then I cut and drawn the rest of the details with a pencil as I was not really sure how to draw details So if you have your own technique or how to do, go ahead and do whatever you want Part of the mane is not visible so I removed And I stuck the rest And for the horn, I know she is multicolored but I decided to use the golden fabric I thought the record would be nice, but you can of course use the felt pieces to the multicolored horn.

Finally, I cut two black and purple round for the nose and the eye and I also glued And here, I hope you like this video, I think it's a very cute gift for a little sister or someone who really loves unicorns Put a blue thumb if you liked the video And do not forget to subscribe if this is the first time you pass by here! Thank you so much for watching and I'll talk to you next time! Hello ! (Translation by Tori: 3).