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DIY Tumblr ROOM DECOR! DIY Polaroids, Urban Outffiters pillow & more!

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Hey guys! Today I bring you some cool decor ideas for your room inspired by Tumblr pictures All the things you will need will be listed in the description box so don’t forget to check that out For the first diy I got the inspiration from this Tumblr picture where I really liked that black pillow It was from urban outfitters and it was really expensive so I decided to make a similar one myself Start off by measuring the width of your pillow in a piece of fabric Then fold the fabric as I’m doing here so you get almost the same width as the fabric below Then fold the other half making sure is three fourths of the width of the pillow As you see I previously cut the pieces so they would fit Now measure the length of the pillow and sew or glue at the top and bottom parts leaving one cm of seam allowance Then turn it right side out and the pillow case will be ready.

Then I printed the design of the pillow on adhesive paper I will leave this picture on my Tumblr page so you can print it too Then I started cutting the letters first with a cutter but then I realized that with scissors was easier Don’t forget to keep the inside part of some letters I also placed some cardboard on the inside of the pillow to avoid any paint leaks Then stick the stencil onto the pillow and paint over it with fabric paint Don’t forget to follow the instructions of the paint After removing the stencil you may have some uneven edges but they are really easy to conceal with black permanent marker And the pillow is finished!! I’m really happy with how this one turned out and it was super inexpensive to make For the next project I got the inspiration from a lot of Tumblr pictures so I decided to make something similar.

I actually don’t have a Polaroid camera so I make them myself I just open picmonkey.

Com and choose the size I want to print the picture Then I click overlay and “my own” and choose some square pictures As you see I leave a white space around the pictures Then I print them and cut them with the shape of a Polaroid.

Then I taped my fairy lights to my wall as you see and attach my Polaroids with some wooden pins As you see this DIY is super simple and you can arrange your lights in lots of different ways For the last DIY I also saw lots of different pictures on Tumblr and pinterest To make the tissue paper flower I took 16 sheets of the paper and start folding them in accordion style Then I cut a round tip on each end of the tissue paper Then I placed a rubber band right on the centre After that I pulled each layer of tissue paper out to create the flower Make sure you pull the same amount of layers on each side so the flower is even I made five of them and passed a thread through them to hang them above my bed You can use lots of different colors here and hang them wherever you want So that was all for this week don’t forget to send me a picture through twitter or instragram if you try any of these because I really enjoy watching all your little creations And if you have any request leave it in the comment section.