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DIY Travel Room Decor : Wall Clock || Snehal Wagh

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Time is very important, so lets design a wallclock in travel theme.

All you need is a Clock kit which you can find on amazon for 8 bucks.

In that you get the machine, hands and a screw to tighten it.

I have this old clock skeleton which was of no use so I'm remaking it.

You can just takea cardboard and cut it out in square shape, round shape.

or basically any shape you want.

Search some graphics online or make your own graphics if you know how to and then printit out on A4 sticker paper.

Get your graphic ready and cut it out withcookie cutter.

I'm kidding, that's just a template.

Now you are left with this.

get your template again and cut a hole through the middle ofit.

so that the clock machine can fit in.

Align your graphic sticker with your clocktemplate and then stick it on the surface.

Put your clock machine through middle holeyou have created and tighten it.

It's time to give it a hand, rather hands.

Assemble your kit on the clock you have designed.

This clock will always remind you that besttime to travel is NOW! If you try this, share it on Instagram andtag me there.

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