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DIY The Little Mermaid Light Up Pinhole Art (Room Decor) – DIY & I

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Hi Guys! This project is really easy to do all you needs is a canvas, some black paint, a few lights, & a safety pin SO I got these 8 by 10 canvases at WalMart & they are really thin & easier to poke holes through Then I just covered the whole thing in black acrylic paint Next you will need some kind of pattern to trace so i just did a google image search for ariel silhouettes once you find a design you like, go ahead and print it out or in my case, just trace it off of the computer screen lol and as you can see, mine already has holes in it because I tried this project earlier, but you get the idea Then I just placed my ariel pattern onto the canvas and used a little bit of tape to secure it Then I grabbed a safety pin and got to work! I just used my picture as a pattern and started punching holes along the lines And that's really all you do! Just keep following along until you're finished Just take your time and go slowly, especially around the detailed parts like her hair.


and the ripples in the water and don't worry if it takes you a while to finish, because it is kind of tedious i finished mine in about three days and i didn't stress out about it too much, i just worked on it when i was bored at home or had some extra free time and don't forget to put a TON of dots inside the moon just fill it all In until theres no room left and don't forget to add a few stars in the sky once you've finished and removed your pattern, it should look a little something like this after that i just took some battery powered LED lights and taped them to the back and thats really all there is to it! just turn it on and enjoy your beautiful ariel creation! really hope you guys enjoyed this project and thanks so much for watching I'll see you next week with a new video and if you're new to my channel, I'm really glad your here and I hope you subscribe and stick around bye guys.