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*music* *music* *music* hey guys what's up it's yasmin and today I'm gonna be showing you guys some DIY summer projects for you to do this summer also they can be activities you can dowhen you're born in the summer you do them with some friends and family and just enjoy your time during thesummer if you try out any of these DIYs please send me pictures send me selfies with your DIY I'd love to seethem so make sure to send them to me on Instagram or Twitter I have a little bit of a cold I'm not gonna lie notthat's why my voice sounds like this I apologize for that but let's get out into the video thefirst DIY I am going to show you guys today is a super Q in easy way to spice up a basket for your bike team cruisearound in style this summer *laughs* all ending to this is taking a hot gluegun angry getting these little pompoms thereactually is gone from the dollar store all along the brim up the basket you then I'm just pull my basket on to beatboutique and it's super cute if you guys don't have a actual basketthat's made for your bike you can just take a regular basket pokeholes in the back and take some velcro and bellcore wedon't hear but on on down welcome huh when i text you I why are these cutejello fruit popsicles better perfect for the summer time tocool down it's hot outside in agreed to stack so what I'm justdoing is putting up some strawberries you can use anythingwithout your choice then for the jello I'm taking a cup of hot water pouringinto a ball could come and Emporia my pocket gel I decide to use lime yes but I'm mixing it a large until itcompletely dissolves then taking a cup up cold water Emporia into be able and the mixing this around anddid you know the gel actually forms from the chemicalreaction other hot water in cold water I did not knowthat then just poured my jello into these popsicle containers that can getfrom the dogs are warmer I'm only pouring the jello half way upinto the containers because I'm going to be popping for me a don't want to overflow then I'm plopit in my strawberries up then is adding some more Jr to Top of the Pops cool container into thefreezer my little buddies go you get a lot oftheir popsicles in the freezer for about an hour I don't know about you guys but I alwayshad the problem by popsicle falling optimistic so justright under some hot water twister and then popped up and youshould be great and now I have this delicious so help me fact that the summertime it's perfect because the job is notmelted still stays together as jello just not foreign and my mom used to makethese all at home it when I was a kid think up my last DIY is actually for your room some DIY room decor in isthis picture I've ate pineapple pineapples are myfavorite fruit for the summer and I think having your fair summerfruit in your room can just get you so pumped today eat healthy and go outand have some evolves so you sprinted a picture and put it ina frame but I thought to be more creative n make it into an activity I putting it so I actually thought this picture thatI just use for reference I gotta some paint and just painted this actually super fun actually do thison a beach in it super calming color you paintingactually released just then display my picture in my frame and wallet it's actually pretty cute don't havereally great art skills but this actually turned out decent you want to be an artist to paint simplefruits well it's super cute an easy way to add somecolor to your room the my last day why are these he decorated don't I seen few doughnuts everywhere but they don't sellthem where I live so I decided to make my aunt I found a recipe on light makebetter team I say and I'll have to exact proportions Palau arraign using some subtle some the Dell abstract take some coffee cream some icing sugar and mixing it all together with a beerthen I am taking some food coloring some brightblue food coloring sprinkling NNN mixing it all together toget this dare you TV full blue-collar thatabsolutely love it is at all times thank you it's cute how can ICQ I don't know butthis one is that the that I am taking these donors laptop for one dollar at Walmart then I am just playing my blue I think onto my duets braised and decided to add the marshmallows fromLucky Charms onto my doughnuts I just thought Id be hugh and justsomething different leave my house and now you have these Hughes adorbs totally Instagram worthy don't that's so I really got into it has been youmake shooting a thumbs up even did let's try it thisvideo to the most thumbs up the ever have before all this hotel is thatwe don't because you guys are the best people ever andI'm grateful for each and every single one love you guys I Philip me to see this video with yourfriends and family because maybe even asking do these diaperstogether bigger for little out eating didn't I'll try to do that is right yourBeach fairly hope you guys enjoy your summer surround yourself with people that youblock a.


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