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You will need foam pumpkins or other fruit metallic spray paint and any metallic or glittery nailpolishes First put all of your pumpkins in a box to keep the paint from getting everywhere.

I would recommend a much shallower box forthis though because spray painting in such a tall box was quite difficult.

Shake up yourspray paint and you’re ready to start painting.

I gave them each multiple coats rotating themto give the entire surface an opaque finish.

Let this dry overnight or in my case multiplenights till you forget about them until it rains and end up with spots on it.

But anywaysnow we can add the nailpolish gradient on them I first painted on a thick glitter polish halfway down the pumpkin and then a fine one and then just metallic polishes really close to the stem For the candle holders you will need glass jars with flat sides three different colors of spray paint hot glue, twigs or branches, and plant cutters The first thing that you want to do it measure out the length of your sticks and then cut enough of them to coveryour entire jar An easy way to find out if you have enough is to just stick a rubber band around the cups and then put the twigs in the rubber band Spread out your twigs and spray paint all of them entirely including the tops and bottoms Once they are completelydry, put a thin line of hot glue onto each twig and firmly press it to the jar to makesure that it adheres properly Just repeat this until your cup is completely coveredand you are done! Thanks for watching and don’t forget tolike, comment, and subscribe for more videos and I’ll see you next time byee.