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DIY room organization + hacks! Low cost desk and room decor! Spring cleaning

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Hey guys! I had so many requests for more room organization videos so today I’m going to show you some really easy and inexpensive ways to organize your room.

For the first idea you are going to need some cardboard I’m using this cookie box Start off by marking the height of your organizer and cut the box so you have the base Then use that base to draw a rectangle of the same size and cut it out so it fits like this Now take the rest of the cardboard and mark two small rectangles and two big ones so when you cut them out you have something like this It’s up to you how big or small you make this but I will leave the measurements for mine in the description box I made another one and I also cut two little rectangle to use as dividers like so The next step is optional but I spray painted all my pieces white because my paper was a little bit sheer Now take any type of paper you want and cover all your pieces I’m using wrapping paper because you get a lot of paper for a cheap price Once you have all the pieces covered glue them in place with some hot glue.

An your desk organizer is finished As a last minute decoration I decided to glue down some craft roses to give a spring touch.

I’m really happy with how this one turned out, as you see it’s super inexpensive and really easy to personalize.

I don’t know about you but there are some drawer in my room that are completely messy For this DIY I’m using some little jars This is super simple as you see I just glue them together and organize all of my hair accessories in them And the best part is that now that it’s all organized I have more space for other things.

Now I’m going to show you some really simple hacks to organize really messy spaces in your room.

The first DIY is for messy and tangled cords.

For this you just need some toilet or kitchen paper rolls and washi tape Just measure how much of the roll you need then cut it out and decorate it with washi tape As you see this will keep the cord from getting tangled I made some more for all my cords and then put them back in my drawer As you see now they are a lot more organized.

A really easy way to gain space in your closet is using hangers that have hooks like this one, so you can hang another hanger from there and they will take out less space But if you don’t have them you can also use a can tab and you will get the same thing.

My last tip is for all you that love making bracelets I’m sure you have a box full of thread like this one The key to organize them is using a cloth pin You just pin one end and wrap the rest around the pin, making sure that the pin is slightly opened once you get to the end just close the pin and that’s it! So, I hope you liked this video, make sure to thumbs up if you want more room decor or organization videos and leave me in the comments which kind of videos you want to watch next Thanks for watching, bye! ^_^.