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DIY: Room Decor/Tumblr Inspired/Cheap&Easy|Декор комнатыFosssaaa

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Hi guys Today I decided to decorate my room little bit using simple ways If you interested, please keep watching For the first item we need ice cream sticks and glue After that we gonna paint it in different colors i gonna make one of this in aqua blue color second one gonna be white and finally the last one i will paint peach and white color Than, I take the white part and stick some print on For the last part you can make your own design You can use press buttons for fixing this stuff on the wall To make collage base we need carton box i gonna cut a rectangle The pictures have printed on a normal paper After that you need just spread you pictures on the carton base My collage i hanged on the wall with a scotch tape and pressbuttons There is one more simple way to decorate you table I just need some frames and pictures Links for this pictures you can find in infobox I decided to decorate my commode with the lovely pictures in frames First of all i gonna paint a frame with some color which gonna show through the top layer color I gonna use spesial cracking varnish for that Let it dry first, and after you can paint the frame a white color As you see, our paint is cracking and frame looks like old-fashioned For my next item I've take a cassete holder First I will cover this with acrilic paint and then I decorate this one with some picture On the front side I gonna put some spikes My next idea was upgrading of my gray pillow case I take a wool to make pompons Take a coat and quickly wrap the fingers Take a short piece of thread and attach pompom in the middle Sew pompons on pillow case corners Let's draw some print Take fabric acrilic paints any color you like You can add some glitter as well Thats all, I hope you like this video Thank you for watching Be creative! Bue-bue!.