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DIY ROOM DECOR | Pastel Colors Frame! (Legendado)

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Hey guys! How are you? Well, I had to remove my wisdom tooth, so I can not shoot an intro now because my face is like a potato, but today I will show you how to make this super spinning frame.

This DIY is super fun to do, and all you need is: A beautiful frame, some sheets of paper, a bowl or more, any kind of ink that you have for your house or colorant cakes, dishwashing soap, markers, a straw and water.

you only need a sheet of paper, but I used these other to protect my scene, so I did so now we will mix the water with dishwashing soap and also to paint, and I'll start with color pink because I love color pink.

And now the fun part: all you have to do is use the straw to make bubbles on the paper sheet, and continue doing so with different colors.

I used color pink, blue and yellow in my actually even shared some snaps as I was doing this.

If you still do not follow me on Snapchat, it's time you follow: p After you have done all this, you can leave the sheet drying alone, or if you're impatient like me you can do as I did and use the hair dryer to dry faster sheet Once dry, place the sheet in your frame, and writes something working in glass to do this, I used the Chalkola these markers, because you can draw on the glass with them but you can use any other markers that you have at home I used this black marker to draw these lashes closed super fluffy, and then I drew this quote "Nnighty night" (Good Night), because this is for my bed room so I thought it would be cute.

And then also I added some red accents.

So this is the end result, I hope you like it.

LIKE A LOT OF YOU <3 until the next video <3 and do not forget.

you are Fantástic @!.