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(upbeat pop music) – Hey everyone, how's it going? Ann here, I've got some new fun bedroom decoration DIYs for you.

If you want to learn how tomake something fun and fresh for your dorm space, or for your bedroom, then keep on watching.

All right guys, so for this first DIY I'm going to show you how to make a nightstand for your bed.

To make the nightstand, it's super easy.

All you would need is asmall table as your base and then, for the main top, a tabletop, we're using the suitcase.

So, if you want more of a permanent hold, I suggest for you to use apermanent double-sided tape or use E6000 to glue thetop to the bottom, together.

I love my table.

It acts more like of astorage space for me.

You know, I can hide away anything that I want to keep tomyself in that space.

You know, nobody can touchit or grab it or take it.

Especially when you'reliving in a dorm space, you don't want your roommates to just take whatever they want unless you're okay with it.

Other than that, you can decorate thetop as a regular table.

It's super cute and I just think it's the most adorablelittle nightstand ever.

(cheery pop music) All right guys, so for DIY number two, I found inspiration whenI was in the craft store.

Usually I go into the craftstore to buy one thing and then I just come outwith a whole bunch of stuff because I get so inspired everytime I go shopping (laughs).

I saw this gold wall decal in the store and I was thinking aboutmaking those feathers that I had last year on my wall.

A lot of you guys havebeen asking about that.

So finally, I'm gonna howyou guys how to make that.

And, for those of you guyswho are drawing-challenged, I am also going to showyou guys how you can make some easy wall decalsto decorate your space.

For those of you guyswho don't like to draw, making abstract shapes arepretty cool and interesting.

All you have to do is just use a ruler and trace out different style shapes.

Get super creative with this because once you stick it on your wall, it really depends on, you know,how you lay it on your wall.

I like to lay it in clusters.

It's definitely moreon the modern art side.

Okay, so now we're going to cut it out.

(scissors crunching) We've got some shapes cut out and now it's time to peel off the backing and tape them onto the wall.

♫ Whoa oh oh oh oh oh ♫ Whoa oh oh oh ♫ – All right guys, so I'm goingto make the feather shape and now, if you guys want a decal, I will have it available on my blog.

The link is below thisvideo but as for now, I'll show you how to make it or I'll show you how I make it.

It's pretty easy.

I made a little line going up, like a little curvy line, just like that.

And then, for the feather part, you can make it like this and you want to have itgo in a sweeping motion.

Like wispy lines, justthink of it that way.

So, if you guys reallydon't want to draw your own then try using the templatethat I have on my blog.

So, I'm going to cut this out.

Now, I'm going to stick them on the wall.

All right guys, thislast DIY is really fun.

We're going to make a clock.

I've never made my own clock before but I'm excited to do this.

So, if you have a box that you like, it can be a shoe box, a decorative box.

I will be using this as my box and then, I have a little clock kit here.

You can find this at a craft store or you can order this online.

So, the first thing I'm going to do, and this all dependson what kind of design you want to go for, I took out some gold spray paint and I spray painted the sides of this box.

The first thing we're going to do is create a hole in the center of the box.

So, where you want thefront of your clock, you're going to createa hole in the center.

All right, if you guys remember my DIY, my faux-marble desk DIY, I did last year, I have some faux-marble decal left that I'm going to use andcover the front part of my box.

So, I'm going to lay out my decal with the paper side facing me and then, I'm going to lay the box down and see how much I will need to cut.

Now remember, you need a folded edge so that way you can fold in the decal and show a clean line on the sides.

Once you cut out your decal paper, be careful with this part because it's time to stick that paper on.

So, it's a bit tricky.

What you're going to do is work in small sections at a time.

Take out some sort of card that will help you flatten the edges as you're pulling out the paper.

And then, carefully, lay thesticky paper onto the box.

Now, as you're doing this, just do it in small sections at a time.

Take your card and justsweep it back and forth.

(cheery pop music) Now, you want to puncture another hole where you had the last hole.

And then, now, we're going toconnect the clock together.

(cheery pop music) (upbeat pop music) ♫ Whoa oh oh oh oh oh ♫ – All right guys, so let me know which one is your favorite DIY by commenting below this video.

I love all of them.

I think they're so different in, you know, their own unique ways and they're really fun to make.

You guys should definitely try them out.

Make sure to give this videoa thumbs up if you enjoyed it and also share it to anybody you know that is going back to school and that wants to learn new DIYs.

Other than that, you guys can subscribe for my weekly updates and follow me on Snapchat.

I have the information below this video.

I do lots of behind the scenes stuff, so you guys will get tosee a little sneak peek of all of my DIYs.

That's all for today.

I will see you guys next week with some more back to schoolDIYs, (smooches), ciao!.