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For this you'll need a template of somethingyou want to put on the candle, so I drew the anti-possession symbol from Supernatural onthe paper and now with some tissue paper over the template I'm going to trace that on thetissue paper.

This can also be done by taping the tissue paper on some normal paper andthen printing the picture you want directly on the tissue paper, but I was scared to breakmy printer so I just did it this way.

Now once you have the picture ready, take yourcandle and put the design on it and then put some wax paper over the design.

Now with thehair dryer heat the wax from the candle so the design sticks to it.

And once the waxpaper turns clear, you can remove the paper off the candle.

And then I repeated the samething with this Orphan Black.

I guess logo or something? I don't know I saw this posterwhich I think is a fan made poster and not the official one, but I really liked it soI just decided to use it.

And as you can see once the wax melts, the design really lookslike it's a part of the candle.

And I repeated the same thing for this White Collar-NealCaffrey silhouette and also Dr Who-Tardis design, and on the other candle I wrote legen,wait for it, dary, which is a famous Barney from How I Met Your Mother quote.

So I already had this DIYed book storage alldone before doing this DIY but basically how you do it is you take a book that you don'tmind cutting, so maybe if you have two of the same ones or something, don't ruin a nicenew book please! And you cut the inside of it to make a box, and then you glue the pagestogether so they don't move and there you go.

And now I cut the cardboard the same sizeas the book and also 6 small pieces that I traced onto the big cardboard, because theSherlock door have that design on them so I'm recreating that.

Now I cut out there whereI marked, but don't throw out those little pieces you have left because we'll need them.

Now go back to those pieces and trim them from all sides so that when you put them backin the big cardboard, you can see some space around them, as you can see in the video.

And then just glue all of that on the front side of the book.

You don't have to make thisSherlock related at all, you can make whatever you want, I saw a lot of people made the Tardisinstead of the door but I decided to do this because I like Sherlock a bit more.

I alsopainted the inside of the book black, and after the paint is dry, I glued on the 221B,the mail slot and the door knocker, which I cut out from some paper and painted gold.

And you can use this as a storage, decor piece or even charging station, just make you cutout a small piece in the book for the charger to go through.

For the first clock design you'll need printedsilhouettes of your favorite tv show characters or signers or whoever you want to put on aclock.

And I just simply cut all of their hair out.

I used only tv show characters inthis video with an exeption of Melanie Martinez, so I think I'll have to make another fandomrelated video with music favorites because they're left out.

Now that you have everythingcut out, glue them on the clock instead of numbers.

And if you want to learn how to makethis clock, you can click on the screen right now and it will play my previous video whereI showed you.

And you can end the project like that but I wanted to put their namestoo so I used white nail polish on some plastic bag to make a sticker with the name.

Onceit's dry, it should be really easy to peel of, I suggest to leave it over night to besure it's dry.

And then just match the names with the faces.

The stickers are sticky ontheir own so you don't need any glue for them but I ended up using just a little bit ofglue, just in case.

And here's the moment you've been waiting, where I'll play a slowclip of all the characters zoomed in so you can see who they are.

And here's another clipwith their faces.

Let me know in the comments who you recognized! The other clock is extremely simple, so you'llneed your ships printed out, I took Dean and Cas and Sherlock and Watson, don't tell meyou don't ship them.

And then just cut out the characters.

And you'll also need a clock.

And then just glue the characters to the clock hands.

Make sure you glued it in the way thehands can still move.

And basically the clock will move them around but at some certaintimes they will be together, as cheesy as it sounds.

But it's still a nice diy! Lastly for the light box you'll need a pictureframe and a cardboard box, I used a shoe box.

Make sure the box is the same length and widthas the frame, mine still needed a bit of adjusting so I just marked where I need to cut it andcut of to fit the frame.

And then I took this piece from the part that I cut and glued iton the side, so it was a full box again.

And the light for my box I got from fairy lights,but I needed to cut a small part in the box for this part of the lights.

Now paint thebox in whatever color you want, I chose white.

And I also painted the frame.

Now I took theframe and I flipped it over and glued back on the glass from the frame, I had two smallones because these were previously two smaller frames that I cut and made into one but it'snot important, just glue back the glass on.

Put the fairy lights in the box.

And I tapedsome pieces of the lights to the box, just so it doesn't' fall on one side once I flipthe box.

And lastly take some plastic bag that's white but still see through, regularpaper won't work because it's too thick for this and we need the light to show through.

I just glued the bag on top of the box, covering the lights.

Cut off the excess and glue theframe on and you have your box ready! And here's how it looks without the studio lights.

And for the quote, I printed out a couple from the various tv shows that I watch butI chose this one from The Office.

Because you can never go wrong with The Office quotes.

And I then cut out all of the letters, this can be tricky so you can buy the letter stickersand use that instead because it took me some time to cut all of this out.

And then justglue the letters on your light box.