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DIY Room Décor: Color-Blocked Bulletin Board | Mini Project Class | Michaels & Creativebug

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Hi, I'm Courtney from Creativebug and I'm going to show you how to make some fun and inexpensive wall decor.

We're going to do a personalized bulletin board.

I'll show you how to paint it and add some cute little accents with thumb tacks.

The materials you're going to need for this project are a cork board panel or some kind of bulletin board.

If it has a frame, that will work too.

Acrylic craft paint in your pop color—I'm using metallic gold.

You'll need artist tape, a hot glue gun, scissors, an extra glue stick just in case, some kind of ribbon or cording to hang your board with.

I'm choosing a really fun color because we're going to see this.

A paint brush, any little fun accents that we're going to add to our thumb tacks.

I'm using pom poms and these precut paper flowers.

And you'll need some thumb tacks as well.

Our first step will be to tape off our design on the cork board—I'm going to do a simple color blocked angled design, but anything you can imagine and you can tape, you can totally paint.

You can do chevron or some kind of abstract geometric pattern.

I'm just going to do corner to corner because this is a really striking design.

And I don't want anything too busy because I'm going to be covering this with photos and ephemera.

I'm using artists tape because it will come away cleanly and it won't tear the cork board.

Once that's down, just grab your acrylic paint.

I'm using a metallic gold acrylic craft paint.

You can use any pop color, teal would look really awesome or like a bright magenta.

There's no need for a pallet.

You can just add your paint directly on the cork board, and then using a foam brush, or any brush of your choice—I like these foam brushes because you can get really good lines here.

We're just going to paint this half of our cork board.

I want to make sure to get nice coverage, the cork will absorb a lot of the paint.

Just being delicate along that edge where the tape is.

You can just add paint as needed.

Sometimes it's helpful to start on the tape and draw in.

You don't want to brush this way, because you can push paint underneath the tape accidentally.

Just keep that in mind.

This is pretty easy, though.

I just want to paint until this is well covered.

Just tip this up a little so I can get this bottom rounded edge.

Your cork board may have a frame on it, so you just want to paint to the edge of the frame.

You could also paint the frame a different color if you chose to purchase one of those kind, and that would look really cool too.

That looks like a nice, even coat.

My last step for this is to just go and cleanly draw brush strokes down.

The metallic has a tendency to show the brush strokes more than let's say a flat color paint or just a solid color.

So I just want to have a nice, clean finish.

And that looks great.

I'm going to set this aside to dry.

While that's drying, we'll work on our pushpins.

And I already chose a set of really fun colors and some coordinating embellishments.

You can use anything from paper embellishments like flowers or cut outs, you could even use like puffy stickers, anything that you can hot glue to your pushpin is fair game.

I love these pom poms because they come in really fun, bright colors.

I also have some of these pre-cut paper flowers.

And to start with a pom pom, just add a little dab of hot glue on the tip of the pushpin, and then, gently place the pom pom.

Once it's on there, I like to actually press it a little just to make sure and hold it while the hot glue sets up.

And then you can set it aside.

This one's really cute.

I love the orange and pink combo.

That's good! Then you could do just the paper flower as-is, or you can add a pom pom to the paper flower.

Add a little bit of hot glue on the flower itself, press your pom pom in place, and then flip it over, add a little more hot glue in the middle, and this is where we're going to add our pushpin.

And you just want to make sure that dries, just sets up before you use it.

And you can continue doing this until you have a dozen or so pushpins, however many you'd like to make.

Our bulletin board is dry, so we can remove the tape.

Just do it gently, but it comes right off.

We're going to flip this over and add a hanger.

I chose a really fun, bright cord because I'm actually going to position this so that it shows.

You don't need a ton, probably about a yard or so because I'm going to have it come up from the top about five or six inches.

Trim, and we're actually going to tie these ends in knots because they have a tendency to unravel, and it also gives us something to glue to.

Just give it—a single knot is plenty.

Just try to center it as best you can—the nice thing about this kind of cord is that it will center itself when it's hanging.

And we're just going to place some hot glue and press those knots into the hot glue.

For security, you can add a little more hot glue on top, and you want to give that a minute or two to set up before you flip it over.

It feels good.

And now is the fun part because we get to add our photos using our thumbtacks.

This is my dog Charlie.

This is my friend Christina.

And that's Pia.

And there you have a really sweet, personalized bulletin board.

And this is just the beginning—you could add more paint, you could do a two color color blocking technique and not leave any cork board showing.

You can add a trim around the border using hot glue and a decorative ribbon or cord, especially if you didn't buy the kind that has the frame.

If you did buy the kind that has the frame, you could paint that as well.

And with your thumb tacks, you can completely go wild, you can add buttons and anything that you can hot glue to a thumb tack or pushpin is fair game.

What I especially love about having a personalized cork board is that this is going to change throughout the year.

I can add notes or letters to this, and it's always going to be a new and different look.