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DIY Room Decor! 3 Easy Crafts for Your Bedroom

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Hey guys! It's Ofek.

What's up with you? You're probably doing all your spring cleaning and stuff like that.

Getting it really all put together You are most likely saying, "I do not want to clean right now.

" And I feel you.

I understand you.

But if you make these fun.

I think it's 3.

Possible three DIYs Then your room would be really put-together and fancy Yeah.

It will be fierce.

Um yeah so that was really random.

Um I just thought of this like 5 seconds ago.

Would you want me to make a room tour.

Because if you do just let me know in the comments down below.

(that rhymes) Um yeah If you want to do a room tour just say so and I will do it because I was kind of procrastinating on doing that Since I really wanted to put all my stuff together and make sure that my room already has all the room decorated.

So if you would like to see three DIY room decors just keep on watching! *snap* yep.

Let's get on with the video! Starting off all I'm doing is just cutting off little shapes and letters of painter's tape but you can use duct tape and maybe stickers If you were wondering what was putting on mine I was putting the letters L-O-V-E for love and a few hearts just for a little bit of a romantic feel but you can add like circles or swirls Maybe squares.

Whatever you feel like Once I was done putting the letters on, I took a spray bottle and some liquid paint and just sprayed onto the letters.

And um That gave me kind of like a drizzle effect And once i was done doing all of the shapes and letters and drizzling I let it sit for around an hour to dry and after an hour I took ll the stickers off.