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(cheerful music) – Hi guys, welcome to my decoration: underline;”>bedroom decoration series.

And I'm thinking aboutdoing like a decoration: underline;”>bedroom series since a lot of you guyshave been asking for more room decoration decor and DIYs, and also for me to do a room tour.

I'm not completely donedecorating my room, so I thought of doinga series, and as I go, you guys can kinda see thenew stuff that I'm making, and I can also introduceyou guys to new DIYs.

At first I was thinkingabout making, like, one video filled with a whole bunchof DIYs that you can make for this upcoming Valentine's Day, and for decorating your room, but then the more I thought about it, I was just like, you know what, I want to be able to provide you guys with quality instruction and a quality DIY, instead of making disposablethings that you will get of.

I want to make things thatyou can feel proud of, at the end of all my videos, and also for you to keep around for, you know, the long term.

So let's start off theseries with a DIY canopy.

So let's run down the list of materials for this DIY canopy.

First off, to set the look, you will need a fabricthat suits your taste.

I'm using about eight yardsof lace see-through fabric.

Next, I have two one-inchthick wooden dowels.

You can use smaller andthinner ones as well, if you use a lightweight fabric.

You can find these at yourhome improvement stores, or craft stores.

They're pretty lightweight, and cost between 50 centsto two dollars each.

Preventing the fabricfrom sliding off the ends are these one and ahalf inch wooden plates.

Craft stores should carry this in the wood or dollhouse making section.

To hang up the canopy, youwill need four screw-on hooks.

And this should depend on the weight of your canopy and fabric.

If you are using something heavier weight, then I would suggest foryou to get bigger hooks that can withhold the weight.

If you want to preventyour hooks from tearing through the Sheetrock ceiling, find anchors that matchesyour hook screw thickness.

Next, I will be using aboutthree yards in ribbon.

And this should all be determined based on how low you want to hang you canopy.

Lastly, I will be using pins, a needle, and some thread to match my fabric.

So for step one, determinewhere you would like your canopy to hang on your ceiling.

You will be using twosets of screw-on hooks, a pair for each dowel.

Measure out four holes,evenly spaced apart.

What I first did, was determinehow wide I wanted my canopy.

Now with a marking pencil,measure about ten inches in on the edges of your bed, and 12 inches from the wall.

The second set of measurements will also be measured from the wallout, going 32 inches.

You can also use differenttype of measurements, depending on where you wouldlike to place your canopy.

I will have more specific information on how you can measure this on my blog, lifeannstyle.


Step two, drill holes into the ceiling and press in your anchors like so.

Then, screw in the hooks.

Step three, let's make up the canopy.

Start by tying some ribbon to the hooks that you screwed in earlier.

Then, drape the uncut fabricinto the ribbon on both ends.

Adjust it on both sides until you get the look that you want.

This will also help you know if you have any excess fabric to cut off.

Make sure to place pinswhere you need to cut, and also tie the ribbon asyou take off the fabric.

The ribbon will helpmark where you will need to hang up the canopy, andsew pockets for the dowels.

Alright, so step four,cut off the excess fabric.

I purchase about ten yards of fabric, and end up only using eight yards.

With the leftover material I think I will make a curtain with it.

Step five, it's time tospread out the fabric and make sure to leave your marking spot.

Now take out one of the dowels, and place it into thewrong side of the fabric.

Fold the fabric over it.

Now it's time todouble-thread your needle, and tie at the bottom.

Go ahead and hand sew in thefabrics together, like so, and basically what we're doing is sewing a pocket for the dowel.

(cheerful music) Make sure to repeat this on the other mark where you tied your ribbon.

(cheerful music) Once you're finished with your sewing, you should have something like this.

For step six I decidedto prime and spraypaint my wooden plates a metallic silver.

Then, once that's dry,I go ahead and glue them onto each ends of my dowels.

(cheerful music) For step seven I'm going to cut out two sets of 30 inch length ribbons.

This length allows me to suspend my rods 15 inches from my ceiling.

Find the middle and then tie them to each ends of the rod in a simple knot.

Then tie the loose ends togetherwith a square knot like so.

Alright, so now we areon to our last step, and that is step eight,hang up the canopy.

I'm very pleased with how this turned out.

If I was to do anything differently, then I would probablycut the dowels shorter, or either paint them silver.

Other than that, I'm still very happy with the way this turned out, and I hope you enjoy your canopy as well.

(cheerful music) Okay guys, thank you so much for watching, don't forget to thumbs upand subscribe if you haven't.

Also, for my January give-away, I will be giving away a painterset since a lot of you guys liked my last video DIY on painting.

I bought the exact acrylic paintthat I used for that video.

And then, a brush set,so I think you guys will have lots of fun with these.

Yes, and then I alsoincluded, you know, some more DIY stuff in here.

This is the wolf felt thing that I was talking aboutin my last hall video.

So I'll show you more in my next video, but as for now this is some of the things, the goodies that will be in the package, and I will talk to youguys next time.