Home Bedroom Decor DIY No Sew Elephant Pillow (Room Decor)

DIY No Sew Elephant Pillow (Room Decor)

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So the first step for this project is to findsome type of colorful, fun fabric that you like.

And I just chose this one with a butterflypattern on it because it was nice and bright.

I drew a basic elephant shape onto a pieceof paper and cut it out.

This is what I will use for my pattern.

I folded the fabric overone time and placed the pattern on top and traced around it.

Once i had the shape alltraced onto the fabric, I cut it out.

And because the fabric was folded over when Icut it out, it gave me two separate pieces, one for the front of the pillow and one forthe back.

i placed one piece on top of the other and lined them up.

After that i beganto hot glue along the edges.

But i left the stomach open so that I could stuff the pillowlater.

I turned it right side out and used a long pencil to help push out the legs and trunk.

After that I began to fillthe pillow with stuffing right through the stomach.

And i also left a hole open at thetop of the trunk so that it was easier to stuff also.

Once I was done stuffing the pillow,i glued both the trunk and the stomach shut.

i went back to the pattern that i made earlierand cut out the ear.

I traced it onto an old pair of jeans and then i cut that out as well.

I cut out the elephant's smile and eyelid out of black felt.

I hot glued them both ontothe face of the elephant and then i took a sharpie and drew on some eyelashes.

And nowthe last thing to do is just add the tail.

I cut out another strip of denim from my jeansand folded it in half and glued it together.

And then I tied a knot at the end just tomake it a little bit cuter.

Then I glued it onto the back of the elephant through a holethat i left open earlier.

And that's it! Once you've completed these steps, you should havea cute fun elephant pillow for your room! Thanks so much for watching this video! iappreciate you guys so much and I will see you next week! Bye!.