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DIY Light up Curtains/Headboard – Affordable Tumblr Inspired Room Decor

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Sydney: Hey everybody! I'm Sydney.

Kendall: And I'm Kendall, and welcome to Both: The Sassy Sisters Show.

Kendall: What did we make? Sydney: So today we are going to show you guys Sydney: How to make this super cool super awesomelight up curtain wall, thing.

Kendall: That thing.

Sydney: I don't really have a name for it, Sydney: I should have thought of one.

Kendall: Oh well! Sydney: Light up curtain wall thing yay! Kendall: Let's go! Sydney: Alright so the first thing we are going to need to do here is hanging up so I'm just going to be using a stud finder and marking where I want the the curtain rod to go on the wall.

*Soft music plays* Kendall: We don't need instructions! Sydney: Okay, okay, we needed the instructions.

Depending on what kind of curtain rod you got, the instructions will be a little bit different, so just go ahead and follow the directions on there.

*Soft music plays* How to scare your dog! *Drill Sound* *Soft music plays* Kendall: Now you are going to put your ring clips on your curtain rod.

We ended up using two packets of curtain rings, because the curtains were pretty heavy.

Sydney: Alright so first you're going to want to put the center of your curtain or sheet up, then the corners and then fill up the rest of the middle.

So all we did was get two unfitted white bed sheets from Target, and they were ten dollars each and that's about half the price of the curtains that we found.

Kendall: Alright so these are our icicle lights and you have to make sure that the cord is not green, it's white so it doesn't show through the curtain.

Alright so we strung the lights over the curtain rod so they hung in front of the curtains.

Sydney: Alright so you're probably need it more than one string of lights like we did here, we ended up using two boxes per window, and all you do is plug them into the little outlets that come on the end of each one, and then continue stringing them up and down until the curtain is full.

*Soft music plays* Sydney: Alright, so all we have to do is hang up our second sheet in front of the lights.

And this is easily done by clipping the sheet onto the same clip that the first sheet is clipped to.

*Soft music plays* Kendall: Now that we are done hanging everything up, we are going to come back and adjust the lights.

Kendall: Hey everyone, thanks for watching, I hope you like subscribe and comment.

Sydney: Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and follow us on Twitter an Instagram, also, if you decide to recreate this super cool DIY, then send us a picture of it, and we'll maybe give you a follow, and a thumbs up or a favorite and a retweet, or whatever.

*Claps* We'll see you later so, Both: Bye!.