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– [Woman] Hi everyone,welcome back to another DIY weekend with me.

I love the old fashionedindustrial style light boxes.

And I love the fact thatthey are now contemporary home decor.

So today I'm going toshare with you how I make my version of a DIY light box.

Okay, so to get startedyou are going to need a shadow box.

I got mine from my craft store.

You're going to need abox that is nice and deep.

So if you can remove theglass, go ahead and remove the glass.

In my case, I can't, it's already set in.

Therefore I'm gong totake some painter's tape and just cover the framewith it before I paint on the surface.

It's now time to paint.

We're going to use somematte white spray paint.

For the first coat ofpaint you want to hold your spray paint bottle about afoot and a half away from the surface and slightlydust the surface with the spray paint.

After your first coat you shouldwait for a couple of hours before painting on your second coat.

Alright, so now we're goingto work on the letter cards.

Eric plays Magic: The Gatheringa lot so therefore he has a whole bunch of cards and heuses card sleeves for them.

So these card sleeves arethe hard kind and I will be using these because they'remore durable and they hold up easily.

So Eric doesn't know aboutthis, but I guess he'll find out once this video goes up.

Cut the sides of the sleevesso that way you can have two pieces.

You want these cards tolook nice and neat and also consistent in size.

So to make clean lines onall four sides you could take out a ruler and X-ACTO knife.

I'm going to make allof my cards two by four.

After you're done, youshould have some pretty nice cards like these.

For the letters, you can findthem at your home improvement store.

So, the way that I placedthe letters on the card is I start with one, and thenwith another blank card, I place that on top ofthe existing card with the letter.

Then I place another letter on top.

So that way all the lettershave the same placements.

Back to the light box we'regoing to create some slots for the letter cards to fit into.

This tile cap is an eightfeet piece so I'm going to cut this up according tothe width of my light box.

Measure your light boxfirst and then apply that measurement onto the tile cap.

After you make your mark on the tile cap, use a blade or a pair ofscissors and just make a little dent.

Then you can break your piece apart.

Because my box isn't so big,I'm going to slit the excess plastic off of this so thatway the letters can show more.

However, if you have abigger box then you can leave this on.

Now I'm going to make somemarks so that way I can know where to glue the tile slots.

Here I was using hot glue,however, I recommend for you to use E6000 glue.

It holds a lot better.

I had to go back on my DIYand use E6000 glue later on.

So, yes, I recommend foryou to just use the E6000 instead of hot glue.

For the back of the box, Ilined it with some glitter reflective paper, but Irecommend for you to use aluminum foil just because it works better and it will reflect more light.

I ended up switching to thatlater, but I just wanted to show you that I lined theback of the box and then I also glue on the lights.

The light sticks I am using are from IKEA.

They're LED lights andyou can use any LED lights you would like.

These are just lights thatI have in my home and they weren't being used so Ithought I'd put them into good use today.

As you can see, I linedthe inside of my frame with the foil and I relinedthe back of my frame with the foil again.

And then I just stuck the glue on back.

I have a whole bunch of extrawire so I just make sure that I flatten them againstthe back of this light box.

This is the part where Igave everyone a heart attack by sawing.

As you guys can see, Iam so great at sawing.

But I wanted to just cut offa little part of this corner, that way I have a little spacefor the wire to go through.

All you have to do now isreassemble your box and you're all done.

(snapping) Alright guys, that is it for today.

I love the light box home decor trend.

Plus you can change around the letterings, you can change the wordsaround to whatever you feel like at the moment.

It's a really nice modernpiece of home decor.

I love it and I hope youguys will love yours too.

Give this video a thumbsup if you guys enjoy it and also make sure to tagme on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook so that was Ican see your recreation.

Other than that, I hopeyou guys have a wonderful weekend and don't forget tosubscribe if you have not and I will see you nextweekend with more DIYs.