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The first thing that you need to do is placeall of your pinecones into a plastic container and put 1:1 ratio of bleach and water intothe bucket enough to fully submerge the pinecones.

The pinecones will float up to the surfaceso to make them bleach evenly they have to stay submerged.

I originally tried just putting rocks on top of them but that didn’t work at all butfilling up a bucket with rocks ended up much working better.

Leave the pinecones in for at most 24 hours and then rinse them out and let them dry.

Mine took forever to dry and open up again when just letting them air dry so you canalso put them in the oven at 200-250 degrees F until they open up checking on them frequentlyto make sure that they don’t burn.

Once they have dried and opened up you candecorate them like I did with a mix of Epsom salt and glitter I had left over from anotherproject.

Just coat the tips with mod podge, wait acouple minutes for it to dry a bit, and then dip the pinecones into the mixture.

And you are done! The Epsom salt doesn’t cling super well to the pinecones so you canrecoat them with a clear spray sealant to keep the salt in place if you want.

I first thing I did was hold the fabric upto my door to see how wide I needed it to be and then I just cut off any excess fabric.

Once that was done, I laid it out flat and drew a line down the middle and made it wider towards the bottom for the tree trunk.

Once the trunk was drawn, I started fillingit in with the lightest brown shade that I had and later added in darker strokes to addmore dimension.

I also made the trunk much darker than therest of the stem.

And I only used dry brushing for this projectto give it more texture and to make it look more realistic.

Once the trunk was done, I started on thebranches by making v shaped strokes towards the edges in a slant on each side pointingdownwards.

A bit confusing but hopefully the diagramshelp out a bit more.

At the top of the tree, make the angle ofthe strokes more exaggerated and keep them farther apart to make the top of the treelook more sparse.

Once all of the main branches were done Ifilled in some parts that I thought needed more leaves and then dipped my brush in morepaint to use to fill in the center of the tree.

I also added more darker paint strokes to some of the outside branches to make it notlook so choppy in the middle of the tree.

To add more dimension I used a lighter greento add some strokes to mainly the center of the tree.

I went back to the smaller brush I used for the trunk to add small lines to the bottomby lightly dragging my brush downwards.

Once you’re happy with it, let it air dryand then sew or glue down the top to make a tube to slide the dowel through.

Once the tube is made, slide the dowel through and then wrap the wire three times aroundboth ends.

Since I was attaching mine to the back ofthe door I had to use a command hook to hang it up but once the hook is ready to use you’redone! For the canvas, the first thing that you needto do is mix in a bit of watercolor paint into a cup of water and just add brushstrokesall the way down.

I tried to keep my strokes very watery sothat the watercolor would form patterns on its own.

Once the first coat is dry, I added more paint to my cup of water and then brushed on morepaint until I was happy with the texture that I created.

If you want you can also rotate the canvas to create drips or other cool effects.

Once it is fully dry, use the chalk to draw on your quote.

You can just freehand this but I decided to copy my script from a quote I found on pinterest.

Once you are happy with how it looks, trace over the chalk with the gold leaf pen andlet it dry.

Once it is dry, you can easily remove theexcess chalk with a paper towel.

I wanted to make my canvas glossy so I gaveit a coat of super glossy mod podge but since we used watercolor paint and mod podge iswater based it will smear the paint so make sure to go over the edges first and then thecenter Or you could just use a spray sealent if that’swhat you have at home.

The mod podge made my quote look kind of dullso I went over it again with my gold leaf pen.

And you’re done! I know that this is really late for a holidaythemed video but hopefully you guys enjoy it anyways even if you can’t try out theprojects.

But anyways thank you so much for watchingand don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe.

And I’ll see you next time.