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(peppy music) – Hi everyone, how's it going? It's me, Ann, and todayI'm going to show you how to make a wall organization DIY.

I was inspired by something that I saw on a online store and I was like, hey, I can totally make this and personalize itaccording to my own taste and I'm very excited to show you guys how you can do that as well.

So, if you guys missedmy last couple of DIYs, I did some office DIYs andalso some room decoration DIYs for back to school so checkthose out after this video.

I will link then on thebottom of this video.

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So let's go ahead andget started with this.

For materials you guyswill need some fabric.

You will need cording tohang up the magazine hanger.

You will also need afabric glue and this is my favorite brand of fabric glue.

I got this from my craft store.

It's the Aleene's fabric glue.

I've been using this thing, like, forever.

But you can also use hot glue.

Next, you will also need a wooden rod.

I also got this from my craft store and I just cut it to make it a little shorter.

So for this first stepI am going to cut out my fabric into three pieces inthree different measurements.

The first measurement isgoing to be the longest.

The second measurement isgoing to be the midlength.

And the third measurement is going to be the shortest length.

I'm going to cut out the first piece.

For the first piece it'sgoing to be 28 inches in length folded.

And for the width, it'sgoing to be 20 inches wide.

So for the width I'm determining it based on how I want it to hang on this rod and plus I'm also considering how much I will fold in on the side.

So now I am going tomeasure out the measurements and draw out my cut line.

Then I'm going to cut out everything.

For the second piece, I'm going to make it about 20 inches in lengthand then also 20 inches wide.

Let's draw it out.

(peppy music) So I have my first piece cut out and now I have my second piece cut out.

For the shortest piece, it's going to be 16 inches in length andthen 20 inches in width.

So I'm going to measure that out and then I'm going to draw my cut line and then I'm going to cut it.

Okay guys so I laid down the longest piece, the middlepiece and the shortest piece.

For this next step what we're going to do is fold in the raw edges.

So have all your piecesfacing the wrong sides upward and you're going to takethe raw edges on both sides, fold it in about halfan inch and then you can press it down with a hotiron and then use your fabric glue to hold it in place.

(peppy music) Okay guys, so we gluedin all the raw edges on all three pieces.

And now, what you want to do is fold them with the right sides facing out and stack them on top of each other just to get a look and idea of how it's going to look all together.

So this is looking really good.

These are the slots wherethe magazines will go in or whatever you want to organize in this.

You can make it smaller.

You can make it bigger.

I'm just going to gofor this size for now.

And I really like how it looks.

So the next step we're going to take is just turn this around.

So now you should onlysee the one big piece.

The next step is to takeout your wooden rod, place it in the back andthen fold your fabric over to get an idea of how this will look.

What I'm going to do is glue them one layer at a time.

I would say let this sitovernight to dry completely and then it should stick all together 'cause once it's on, it'sreally, really permanent.

So starting with the first layer and now we're gonna putit on the second layer.

Being super crafty here.

Just go one layer at a time.

Okay guys, so I was able toglue all the layers together.

They're nice and dry.

Everything is set in.

Now for our last step, we'regoing to tie on the cord.

Eyeball how much you will need.

Think I'll use this much.

Now with the cord I'm going to wrap it on each ends of the rod.

Start by tying a little knot here.

Take some hot glue.

(peppy music) Alright guys, we are all done.

Thank you all so much for watching.

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Other than that, thank youall so much for watching and let me know what your thoughts are.

Which one is your favorite DIYs out of this whole back to school series and I will talk to you next time.