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(light playful tinkling music) – Hey guys! How's it going? So as you guys could tellby the title of this video, we will be making some gel fresheners.

And these are great to put inyour home and in your room.

I especially love toput mine in my closet.

It makes my closet smellso much more fresh.

And these are great to giveas gifts throughout the year.

You can customize this accordingto season, or the theme.

As you guys know by now, allof my DIYs are customizable.

You can always add yourpersonal touch to them.

So this should be fun,and let's get started.

So let's start with what we will need.

Here I have some glass jarsthat I've been collecting.

I also have some unsweetenedand unflavored gelatin.

Make sure to not getanything that has sugar in it because you don't want toattract any unwanted bugs.

As you can see next tothe gelatin, I have agar.

And this is a great replacement to gelatin if you're looking forsomething that is plant-based.

Now I found my agar frommy local Asian supermarket.

This is also sold at health food stores.

I actually prefer usingthe agar over the gelatin because it thickens faster.

Also, if you will be using the gelatin, then you will need one tablespoon of salt.

Next I have some food and soap dyes and these are some of the colors that I will be playing with today.

Down on my list I have some essential oils that I used in my previous beauty DIYs, but you can also use liquidpotpourri for this tutorial.

Last is optional, but I willbe using glitter, fake flowers, and beads to decorate my gels.

This is a great chancefor you to get creative and look around your homeand see what you can use.

OK, so to make this, youwill need a Pyrex cup and a mixing spoon, or in my case, a fork because I like to use afork to mix everything.

OK, so what you're going to do first is boil about two cups of water.

And while that is heating,take out four packages which equals to one ounceof unsweetened gelatin, and mix that with enough water to make a paste-like consistency,how like I have it here.

And once your water comes to a boil, mix that with the gelatinpaste that you just made, and then add in one tablespoon of salt.

Now every brand ofgelatin may be different with regards to instructions so make sure you read your instructions carefully.

So the same method appliesto the agar powder.

Again read the instructionson your package.

With my agar powder, I just basically use one teaspoon of powder andone cup of boiling hot water.

So with the hot water mixture, go ahead and pour that intoyour container or your jar.

After that, you can addin the fragrant oil.

I usually pour in betweenone to two teaspoon, but if you want your gelto have a stronger scent, then add in more of the amount.

So now it's time to add in the color, and I would suggest for you todo is add a few drops first, then gradually add in moreto get your desired shade.

So once everything is mixedwell, let the liquid sit for about 30 to 60 minutes or so, then add in the decorativedetails, like the flowers, the beads, whatever you prefer.

Have fun with this.

There are just endless ways tocreate these gel fresheners.

Here I'm decorating the outsidejar by sticking on these pretty snowflake stickers thatI found from my craft store.

This turned out to be such acute little winter snow globe.

For my Christmas theme, I madethese adorable Santa pants, and I first poured in the redmixture, let that settle down and cool completely before Ipoured in the white mixture.

After that, I took a little black ribbon and I glued it on the outsideof the jar, followed with a little button to giveit that Santa Claus look.

So for the bubblefresheners, these should be really really easy to make.

All you would need are some water gems.

And I found mine frommy local craft store, but you can also pick thisup from the dollar store.

So all you have to dois pour these water gems into a jar or a container,and then add a few drops of coloring of your choice into this.

After that, go ahead and add in your scent and then just mix everything well.

So now I'm going to decorate my jar with some butterflies Ifound from my craft store.

I had this for a while and I've been wanting to use this on something.

So here I'm making aSpring-theme gel freshener, and this just comes to show that you can make one for every new season.

And these air freshenersare actually good for three months or so until thesmell begins to wears off, and mold might grow in them, so make sure to get rid ofthem and save your jars, so that way you can make some new ones! Alrighty guys, so that is a wrap.

Thank you so much for watching.

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And also, if you guys haven't noticed, I have a December giveawaygoing on right now.

And you can still enter,for this upcoming January, I also have somethingreally cool coming up.

So stay tuned for that, and I will talk to you guys next time.

(smooch) Ciao!.