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(cheerful music with vocalizing) – Bonjour! Comment ├ža va? How's it going, everyone? So, for today's video,I am going to continue my decoration: underline;”>bedroom decor series.

I plan on making a newbedroom DIY once every month, so, for this one, I'm goingto show you how to make a few jewelry stands, andthese are great to organize your necklaces and your bracelets.

I'm going to show youhow to make two designs.

One is inspired by the springtime, so if you want to give yourroom a spring makeover, this is perfect for that.

The second design is justgreat to have all year round.

It's very simple and chic.

And these are thingsthat I found from home and also my local thrift store.

So I think that you guys aregoing to have fun making this, and let's get started! Let's go down the list ofmaterials you will need for this project.

There are two ways to make this, one using wooden dowels and the other using a paper towel roll.

For the base of the jewelry stand, I will be using some candle holders.

I found these from my local thrift store, and they usually have thesefor a really good deal.

For the rack, you can usewooden dowels that can be found at your craft store or apaper towel roll and magazine.

Other supplies you willneed on hand are either a high temperature glue gun or E6000.

For the wooden jewelry holder, you will need primer andpaint to cover up the work, and then if you are usingthe paper towel roll option, you will need fabric or eithervinyl to cover the cardboard.

Let's start with thewooden dowel's method.

Making this is super easy.

All you have to do is findthe center of the dowel with the ruler and pen.

Then mark the center.

Next, apply permanent glue to the top of the candle base.

Use the center point you made on the dowel to help guide you where toplace the dowel onto the base.

Let the glue set for a good 30minutes or so before priming.

Once the glue cures,go over it with primer, and then once the primer is set and dry, go over it with paint.

After a full day ofwaiting for this to dry, it's now time to decorate it with some spring theme decoration.

I found these cute birdiesfrom Michaels craft store just like the candle jar tutorial.

Do you guys remember that tutorial? I love it.

And since the base of thisis bigger than my dowel, I thought about using and gluing on some fake flowers to hide that.

I just love how this turned out.

It looks so springy, almostlike a rose garden theme.

To make the design usingthe paper towel roll method, take out your fabric or vinyl of choice.

Then measure out how muchmaterial you will need to use in order to wrap it aroundyour paper towel roll.

Use your ruler for accuratelines and measurement.

(light guitar music) So here I have a rectanglethat I will be cutting out and with a glue gun glue thewrong side onto the paper roll.

Wrap the vinyl fully around the roll and glue the end seam together.

To make the paper towel rollmore sturdy and durable, I suggest for you to takea magazine, roll it up, and insert it inside the tube.

Next, take the end ofthe roll you just wrapped and trace it onto the vinyl.

Make a set of end caps and cut it out.

Glue each one to each end, and then, lastly, theglue the vinyl roll onto the candle stick base.

(light guitar music) I am so in love with howall these turned out.

Let me know which oneyou will be recreating, and if you are, thendon't forget to tag me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

I will talk to you next week.

Ciao! (light guitar music).