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DIY: Cute Simple Bedroom Decor Accents

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[MUSIC] Welcome back to my channel and my bedroom.

I thought it would be fun for me to do a video on if you havemaybe like a plain room how like, you can add just tiny little things to,I guess, add some personality to it.

Make it fun.

Make it pop.

Everything in this video takes,like, less than an hour.

Everything in this video takesless than an hour to make.

And hopefully, you guys like thesekind of videos and if you do, then hit the like button, so that I knowthat you guys like these kind of videos.

And I will do more like easydecor videos in the future.

Okay so I'm gonna show you guys the thingsI made starting with the first thing.

So the first thing you needis an old jar of some sort.

I'm using this old cookie butterjar cuz it's definitely empty.

I made sure of that.

But you can use like an old jam jar,mason jar, as long as it is a jar.

If the label is giving you problems,which I'm sure it will, just take some nail polish remover.

And go overall like the remainingsticky paper residue left over.

And it'll just come right off.

So now your jar is clean.

And, you wanna take another cup.

And in that cup, you wanna pour in likean inch or so of just regular table salt.

Then afterwards,you wanna grab a piece of colored chalk.

Whatever color you want to.

I chose blue.

And then you wanna go ahead and stir thesalt around with your colored chalk stick.

And you can see, it's magicallyturning the salt into a blue hue.

This is not edible anymore by the way.

Stir it for maybe, 15 seconds.

I mean, the longer you stir,the stronger the color will get.

Now, pour the magic saltinto your jar of choice.

Now continue this processwith all of the colors.

The next one I'm gonna use is pink.

I'm gonna stir my pink chalk around,turn the salt pink, pour it in the jar.

The next one I'm gonna use is green.

Same thing.

Pour it in the jar and you just keep layering them on top of eachother until you have this rainbow salt.

Deal, dealio.

Can you even believe how cute it is? I can't.

Now afterwards, go ahead andlike shove your makeup brushes in there.

Shove your pencils in there,shove something in it.

Then, place it on your shelfsomewhere where everyone can see it.

It's so cute.

[LAUGH] All right, so that's done.

Now, the next thing I'm gonna showyou guys how to make is really easy.

You need like a pillarcandle of some sort.

I'm gonna use a tall one and a short one.

And then afterwards, take somemasking tape and create a design.

I'm just gonna go ahead and wrap mymasking tape, like around the center.

A little bit more towardsthe bottom though, so not directly in the center, I guess.

I don't know, is that in the center? Anyway, on the bottomportion of the candle only, I'm going to spread around some glue.

I used my fingers.

I don't know why I did that.

And then I'm gonna go ahead and dump onsome gold glitter because I just chose gold, butyou can use any color you want to.

Maybe if it coordinates with your room,you can use like a different color.

Once it is completely covered,make sure it's completely covered, you can go ahead and remove your tape.

And then you'll see that it kinda createdlike this cute little half glitter look.

And if you're worried about likethe glitter fallout getting everywhere and creating a mess, which happens allthe time, just take some hairspray.

And with the hairspray,just spray it on the glitter portion and that will stop a lot of the falloutfrom getting like all over your bedroom.

And that one is done.

Now for the second one, I'm goingto actually take a piece of paper.

I'm going to fold it in half,and on the half, I'm gonna draw, you know, half of a heart.

This way it's perfectly symmetrical.

Make sure it lines up with your candle, like it's not too big oranything like that.

Afterwards cut it out andthen tape that onto your candle.

And once you have it taped on withyour masking tape then go ahead and sponge on some glitterwhere the heart opening is.

Be very careful to stay on like inside ofthe, the heart, not get it anywhere else.

And then afterwards,I'm gonna dump some glitter on it.

Once it is completely covered in glitter,I'm going to remove the piece of paper and I'm gonna kinda take another sponge andjust clean up the edges of the heart and this should be like really,really easy to do since it's still wet.

And this is what it lookslike when it's all done.

And now you have this pair,of little, cute, glitter decorative hearts that you can place on your shelves,or use as like book stoppers.

If you have books on your shelf oron your dresser, or anything like that.

And it's cute.

And cheap.

Okay, so for the next thing youwant just plain white pillow cases.

Boring ones.

Mine are just kind of old.

I'd have nothing really to do with them.

I don't really use them, soI decided to make something out of them.

So, I'm gonna get two pieces ofpaper stacked on top of each other.

Then I'm gonna draw half of a heart.

I like hearts, obviously.

So, I'm drawing half of a heart on top ofa piece of paper, then I'm gonna cut out the heart, take out the bottompiece of paper, and flip it over.

And this will give me a perfectlyshaped cut out heart that is big enough for a pillow.

And I'm gonna tape the pieces directlyonto the center of my plain white pillow.

Make sure it's in the center cuz you don'twant it like too far off to one side.

It'll just look little weird.

Then I'm gonna take some fabric paint.

These are really, really cheap, and I chose blue because my roomhas a lot of blue in it.

I'm gonna mix a couple colors toget the perfect shade of blue.

Then I'm going to go ahead andmix it around.

I'm using a makeup sponge, but you canuse whatever you want, a paint brush.

I just chose to use a sponge becauseI just wanted that look for this.

And then afterwards, I'm going to gentlystart sponging onto my cut out heart.

Now, don't go too rough aroundthe edges because if you go too rough, you can get it underneath the paper andthen it will ruin your design.

So just try to be careful.

Now, after I have covered the top half, I'm going to actually ombrethe heart into a lighter color.

So I'm gonna mix a little bitmore white in with my paint and just kind of blend thatonto the top color of blue.

And add a little bit morewhite onto the bottom portion.

So it's gonna be like three differentcolors kind of all blended together.

And you can do likecompletely different strokes.

You can use like a different brush.

I chose to kind of use the stampingtechnique to keep it kind of messy, handmade, rustic looking.

But it's up to you how you wanna do it.

Then remove your paper.

And you have this really cute,handmade, ombre heart pillow case.

And then let it dry likeovernight before you place it on your pillow cause it probablybled through a little bit.

And then it'll just give your bed likesome personality if you just have plain pillows and don't really wanna spendthe money for a whole new bed set.

Try it with stars, maybe.

Try it with your initials.

Just something cute to spice up your bed.

And then the last thing I'm gonna makeis this really cute like nightlight lamp thing that I am,like in love with right now.

So just take like an old jar or vase.

I'm using this old vase from when I gotflowers when I was really sick one time.

Get your masking tape back out.

And on the masking tape,you wanna go ahead and draw some stars.

And, I'm not, this, I'm not good at it.

I'm really not good at drawing stars,I realize.

But they don't have to be perfect.

So, do as many as you want to,then afterwards you, want to take your scissors andyou wanna cut out the stars.

Then, one by one, go ahead and gentlyplace them all over your vase, or jar.

And you can put them wherever you want to.

You can put them close together, farapart, you don't even have to do stars.

You could do circles, hearts,whatever you want to.

And then once you have them allplaced in your ideal locations, you want to go ahead and spray paintaround the stickers that you just placed, so make sure that they're all the way on.

And I'm using this gold, really,really shiny, pretty gold spray paint.

I'm spraying it on the outsideof the vase, not on the inside.

Because I don't know whatthat will do scientifically if a flame hits it and there's gonna bea candle inside, so I'm gonna go ahead and spray it on the outside instead.

And you might need more thanone coat of spray paint, depending on,I actually ended up needing more than one.

I found out the next day,but it's good enough.

So let it dry for, you know, a few hours.

Then afterwards go ahead andpeel off your star stickers.

Then you'll have these cute little oh,it's a cute little design.

And this is what it lookslike when it's all done.

You have these little clear stars thatwill allow some light to peek through in the darkness.

So I'm gonna put a candle in actually,and turn off my lights and show you what it does.

You can use an electric candle as well,but I'm gonna use a regular onecuz I have a lot of them.

And so this is kinda what itlooks like when it's dark, and you can see that the light peekingthrough will create little cute stars actually like on your wall oron your shelf.

And I am just really happy about that man.

And that is it you guys.

So let me know in the comments downbelow which one is your favorite or which one you wanna try.

And if you do try any ofthese then take a picture and hashtag them to me onInstagram at #AndreasChoice or you can TwitPic it to me@AndreasChoice on Twitter.

And I will repost some of them onmy Instagram after I see them.

So, have fun making some stuff.

I'll see you guys very soon, all right? I love you, bye.